What Is Domino On 'The Royals' Season Finale? The Mystery Has To Involve Simon's Death

The mysteries continue to pile up on E! Network's The Royals, and not even a season finale can stop the show from providing way more questions than answers. Yes, I understand that most television shows leave viewers with cliffhangers to draw people back in for the next season, but not only did The Royals not give us any proper hints into the season's already major twists, they also have now added on a new potentially huge corruption/secret treason story line for next season with the introduction of Domino. Who or what is Domino? Well that's the thing, we literally know nothing about this mystery term other than that its symbol popped up over and over again in The Royals Season 1 finale.

In the episode, the symbol for Domino pops up three separate times: Once in a letter addressed to the Queen, the second was on Liam's pendant that he's worn pretty much all his life, and the third time was at the palace gates on a flag when Queen Helena greeted her subjects after King Simon had finally succumbed to his stab wounds and died. So could it be a person or is it something more sinister, like an entire organization? Whatever it or he/she is could be helping Liam and Eleanor discover the truth behind their family members' deaths.

The first theory is just the most obvious: The the mystery man Eleanor and Jasper meet to find out about Robert's death is Domino. Perhaps Domino is his calling card that he adopted while providing different illegal skills for money (aka killing, stealing, etc.) and now he's hoping to scare the Queen, Cyrus or whomever it is that gave the order to kill Robert as well as Simon. Clearly all of these things are connected. The real question is how?

Next theory is just a bit more confusing and probably the more accurate one: Perhaps Domino is actually some kind of secret organization (in which this mystery man who killed Robert is a part as well) who is determined to either take down the monarchy and the corrupt officials within because they gave the orders to kill Simon and Robert, OR they want to just weed out all of the bad seeds in power in Great Britain whether in the monarchy, the military, the Parliament or whatever else. Honestly I hope it's the second because it could be the first time we've gotten some good luck for the good guys. Season 2 returns in November, we'd better at least get a hint of an answer then.

Images: E!; ReactionGifs