Jasper & Eleanor Reunite On 'The Royals' Finale To Learn The Truth About Robert... Sort Of

The most popular couple from E! Network's scripted series The Royals has come back together... Kind of. In the Season 1 finale of the The Royals, Eleanor rescinded her charges levied against Jasper, only so she could use him to protect herself from meeting the mystery man in a hood who claimed to have killed her brother Robert. But that was just the first or many steps in what is sure to be a long, fun road back to reuniting as a couple for Jeleanor. Obviously Eleanor is still feeling betrayed for Jasper sleeping with her mother, she couldn't bring up that information fast enough any time an opportunity presented itself. But thankfully she proved that when it came down to finding someone she could trust, she knew Jasper who would be there for her no matter what. If that's not some kind of subconscious recognition of love, or at least caring, then I don't know what is.

Eleanor got Jasper out of prison and explained to him the situation, and of course his main goal was to make sure to keep Eleanor safe, even though she was certainly still pissed off at him. The couple(ish) went to the palace first to grab the stash of weaponry Jasper had apparently hidden in Eleanor's room though Eleanor had to get it because it seems like she didn't like the idea of Jasper and Helena being in the same building. I'm thinking there's a hint of jealousy and annoyance in her demands.

When they finally made it down to the meeting spot and had some time to kill, Jasper finally explained his actions to Eleanor regarding Queen Helena, whether Eleanor wanted to hear the story or not. Jasper told her about how Helena was going to expose his secret and basically threatened to arrest him for treason. So being the betting man as he is from Vegas, "he took a gamble" and it didn't pay off the way he thought it would. Eleanor asked him if she hadn't found out, would Jasper have told her about his tryst with the Queen? He says he wouldn't have and that he would have bared in silence, basically all for her.

During their escapades, Jasper kept making references to how they were once in a relationship and Eleanor refused the word time and time again. But again the fact that she knew he was the only one she could trust to protect her and to keep all of these secrets proves that Eleanor knew they had a special bond whether she liked to admit or not. I can understand her frustration and hesitation. I mean, look at how their relationship began. But at this point, even I can tell it's inevitable: Jeleanor is here to stay.

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