7 Quotes From Body Positive Bloggers Turned Into Memes So We Can Celebrate The Importance Of Visibility And Self Love

There are so many amazing body positive bloggers out there that I felt their incredible messages and opinions needed to be shared. So what better way is there to do this than to create body positive memes? As a straight-size gal who is fairly new to the world of plus fashion, I have discovered that the size acceptance movement is irrevocably positive and shows a great example for the fashion industry (and society) to follow.

I experienced my fair share of "thin shaming" as an adolescent, which in my hormonally unbalanced teen years, I really took to heart. While fat shaming and skinny shaming are equal wrong on a moral level, I of course know the latter is not as prevalent. But any kind of body shaming is unnecessary and harmful. Now older and (hopefully), wiser I feel a lot more at ease in my body and proud of the skin I'm in. This is not because I "fit into" the body shape box of what society deems is an "acceptable" body size — this whole notion makes me really angry, so I shall just take a second to take a yogic breath and compose myself... that's better — but rather, I feel I have accepted my outer human spirit-shell and I am so much more comfortable in it; lumps, scars, spots, and all!

Nowadays, I even sometimes leave the house without makeup on — which to my teen self would have been an absolute nightmare, but to the present Phoebe it is a rebellious win against societal pressures branded upon women.

Thus, I wanted to share some of the fabulous, body positive words of some truly rad chicks to help anyone of any size or shape to take the first steps towards accepting their bodies. Once you're in the pool of body positivity and body acceptance, you will never want to get out! It is such a happy, joy-filled state of mind. It may seem as difficult as climbing a mountain but once you're on top of that peak, looking out across the world, you gain the best perspective on accepting yourself for who you are and what makes you special. From this peak, you can also acquire different angles on tons of other areas of life, too. So what are you waiting for? Start climbing!

1. Ragini Nag Rao Of A Curious Fancy

Ragini Nag Rao is the creator of A Curious Fancy. Her imagery is just to die for; I could easily spend a few hours lost among the delectably shot beauty products or her whimsically styled photo shoots. This lady uses super cute stars for bullet points; what more could anyone wish for? Plus, her styling skills are top notch; there are a few outfits I want to copy from Ragini and a few things placed firmly on my wish list. A Curious Fancy is a divine fashion and lifestyle blog spearheaded by a woman unafraid of discussing everything from thin privilege to mental health to relationships.

2. Georgina Horne Of Fuller Figure Fuller Bust

Georgina Horne recently starred in U.K. TV documentary Plus Sized Wars, where she was seen eradicating myths and making a stand for body positivity. Since she started her blog Fuller Figure Fuller Bust in 2011, she has graced the pages of an array of national and international publications, modeled for several clothing labels, and collaborated with Lady Vintage London to assist in designing plus-size, vintage-inspired clothing line Lady Voluptuous.

3. Callie Thorpe Of From The Corners Of The Curve

From The Corners Of The Curve was born out of one woman's change of perspective. Callie Thorpe was in a really bad place in terms of her own body image before she started her blog. However, she decided to turn her negative thoughts upside down and channel this energy into creating a body positive blog, which is a "body shame free" space. Thorpe was also seen on Plus Sized Wars, and did a great job in raising awareness on the ridiculous amounts of shaming plus-size men and women have to face every day. Her blog features an array of discussions, of which I particularly enjoy her "Travel" section, with its action-packed photography, and her "Food" section, including yummy places to eat and saliva-inducing recipes.

4. Nicolette Mason

Nicolette Mason is a fashionable force to be reckoned with. She is a contributing fashion editor and columnist at Marie Claire and the designer of a clothing line in collaboration with ModCloth. Plus, she has both written for and consulted fashion industry greats such as Vogue Italia and Chanel. On her Twitter, Nicolette endearingly describes herself as "a bi-coastal, body-positive, Cher Horowitz/Wednesday Addams hybrid," which made me instantly take a shining to her. Nicolette Mason's blog is "a diary on style, beauty, and travel," and I would describe it as chic, super stylish and slick, much like Nicolette herself.

5. Bethany Rutter Of Arched Eyebrow

Pictured above (in what appears to be one of her favorite outfits) Bethany Rutter is seen in a cleavage-plunging, kick ass ASOS bodysuit. Bethany is not afraid of smashing sizeist stereotypes, set them on fire, and pummel them into the ground, as we recently saw in her appearance on Plus Sized Wars. In fact, Rutter is the ultimate stereotype debunker and she sets her own "norms," which are not in any way peer pressured by society. Seen on her blog's "About Me" section in an awesomely loud dress, flaunting her underarm hair and tattoos, she describes herself as "a fat, tattooed femme who makes a living from writing, with a bit of DJing on the side." I have yet to encounter a blogger as incredibly cool as Bethany.

6. Isha Reid Of An Autumns Grace

Isha Reid is a darling of the plus-size blogging world. Her blog, An Autumns Grace features sweet yet informative posts tackling issues like how she feels about being an introvert to vintage-inspired fashion. Compiled mainly of style shoots showcasing her traditionally feminine style, Isha is a style inspiration to women of any size. Ms. Reid is a true advocate for loving yourself and she shares her personal stories and feelings with her readers. Take a peek and let this sweetheart inspire you to be body positive.

7. Marie Southard Ospina Of Migg Mag

Last but by definitely no means least is Bustle's own Marie Southard Ospina, who also runs the blog Migg Mag . I am so happy and blessed to know Marie personally, and I can honestly say she is one of the most passionate, inspiring, and beautiful people I know. Marie is someone who challenges others and helps to change the way in which we think; she's a modern innovator. She is always on the lookout to broaden people's horizons and destroy society's most deeply rooted yet toxic stereotypes. Migg Mag is a thought provoking read, complete with stunning photography that makes you want to put on a gorgeous gown and feel fabulous, too.

Allow your brain to ignore the hard wiring on what society deems an "acceptable" body type. Everyone has a different body and every body is beautiful. So start loving yours like these wonderful women love theirs.

Images: A Curious Fancy ; Fuller Figure Fuller Bust; From The Corners Of The Curve; Nicolette Mason; Arched Eyebrow; An Autumns Grace; Migg Mag