25 Of The Most Banned Books Of The Last 15 Years, aka It's 2015 And We Still Do This

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Being told not to do something only makes us want to do it more, right? (I know this isn’t just me.) From back in the days when THOSE BOOKS — you know the ones — were placed just out of arm’s reach on our parents' bookshelves, we’ve been wondering, What exactly is so verboten about Henry Miller anyway? And, OK, maybe sometimes Nora Roberts, too.

Sure, our parents hiding their generation’s version of Fifty Shades of Grey from our 11-year-old selves is one type of censorship. But the concept of “banned books” takes on that scary, Orwellian vibe when a book is censored out of the public space entirely — by school districts, libraries, or the heavy-handed Big Brother.

The American Library Association’s Banned Books Week, a yearly event celebrating the freedom to read — mark your calendars, it starts September 27 this year — draws national attention to the books that are still being challenged and banned across the country.

Some of these titles may surprise you, (and others definitely won't) but here are 25 of the most banned books of the last 15 years.

Image: Kennedy Library/Flickr

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