Kids React To The Kylie Jenner Challenge

by Julia Guerra

I think we can all agree that some of the “viral trends” that make their way around the internet are hands down ridiculous (OK, maybe most of them are ridiculous). The Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge is one such ridiculous trend, not to mention probably a dangerous one. Over the weekend, Fine Brothers Entertainment posted a video to YouTube, having kids react to the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge — and their responses were on point.

In case you managed to miss this challenge, the KJLC involved fans of Kylie Jenner sticking their lips in bottle openings and shot glasses in attempts to create a suction effect that would give them a plumped up pucker. It was a dark time for the beauty world.

What I found to be most impressive about this reaction video was that, despite whether or not their friends were doing it, these children acknowledged that wiggling your lips into a two-inch (maybe) opening of a glass bottle and continuing to suck into said bottle until there is pressure around the flesh, only to pull out with rounder, sensitive lips is actually a form of self harm. It is not OK — and, for her credit, Kylie Jenner asked people to cut it out when the hashtag started trending.

After being shown four photos of the after-effect of the challenge, the producers asked how these kids thought the four young women and men's lips became so plump. Their answers varied from "a syndrome" to "photo shop." Logical.

The producers then played a video montage for the kids, showing a variety of the challenge's participants in action. Their response? "Why do people do anything on the internet?"

As I witnessed the Kylie Jenner Challenge unfold, I was beginning to become a little nervous for generations to come. I guess it stems from the old saying "just because you read it, doesn't mean it's true." Just because people on the Internet are sticking their lips in shot glasses, doesn't mean you should too.