Amanda Seyfried & Justin Long Started Dating Because Of Instagram & It's Not As Creepy As It Sounds

We've all heard of people meeting through dating sites, apps like Tinder, and social media, but did you know that Amanda Seyfried and Justin Long started dating because of Instagram? Now, that might sound creepy to some that two people got together thanks to a popular photo app, but, trust me, their story is cute and funny. While chatting with Vogue, Seyfried opened about her relationship with Long. They've been together since summer 2013, and Seyfried said the following about how she and Long began dating:

I followed him on Instagram and I thought something he said was really funny. It was a beautiful picture of a snail, and the caption said, “F--king MOOOOOOOOVE.” It made me laugh out loud, so I texted him.

First, I love that Seyfried made the first move. Second, there's nothing quite like a funny Instagram photo and a man with a great sense of humor to start a beautiful relationship. It appears that the two actors have a lot in common. For example, they're both super close with their families, which is one among many commonalities between them. No wonder they've been together for so long.

I guess a love at first Instagram romance can exist. And the social media platform is something the two continue to embrace, based on these adorable Instagram posts.

Thank you, Instagram, for bringing these two into our lives.