Are Amanda Seyfried & Justin Long Still Dating? These 2 Keep Things Very Low-Key

The MTV Movie Awards are this Sunday, April 12, which means it's almost time for another red carpet! Other than the fashion choices of the attendees, one big thing to look forward to are the couples making their way into the ceremony. One couple we know and love, Amanda Seyfried and Justin Long, have not been spotted together by photographers too many times lately. So, what gives? If they show up to the MTV Movie Awards (Seyfried is presenting this year) will they be attending hand in hand? Well, rest assured, Amanda Seyfried and Justin Long are indeed still dating, and it seems like they're going pretty strong, too!

Most recently, in April, Seyfried posted an adorable short video of the couple taking on the "Twizzler challenge" together to spread awareness about autism (which involved chewing both ends of the candy together before inevitably kissing, aww!). The lovebirds were also spotted out and about last month in Paris, of all places. They were in town since Seyfried was attending some shows for fashion week, and paparazzi caught them having a romantic lunch together before heading off to do some sightseeing in the city of love.

What is interesting about them being caught on camera here is that the pair had not been spotted together by photographers for months. The last time they were seen together in a photo was in an Instagram snap that Seyfried had taken back in mid-November of last year after the two participated in "24 Hour Plays On Broadway," which supports art education in New York City private schools. And even before that photo, Seyfried never really revealed a whole lot about the couple's personal life together, other than a few fun hobbies they share. Maybe less really is more, after all!

The couple, who first started dating back in the summer of 2013, seem to have a pretty solid bond. From what we know from Seyfried's short interviews about her love life, they do "everything" together, and enjoy walking dogs and drinking healthy green smoothies. The Bachelor is a guilty pleasure of theirs. But other than that, they seem to keep things low-key and rarely make a huge scene while out together. And honestly? It's a bit of a breath of fresh air when you think about all the couples in Hollywood that have to keep everyone updated on their every move. (Kimye, I'm looking at you.)

So we'll have to stay tuned to see if Long and Seyfried walk the MTV Movie Awards red carpet together! Seyfried is not nominated for any awards this year, but she will be a presenter, so while she'll definitely be there, we can't say for sure whether Long will join her. In the meantime, you can enjoy this adorable video of them sharing a Twizzler challenge for a good cause. Props to them, especially if they sneak more candy into the award show!

Image: Getty Images