When is Leighton Meester Due? Blair Waldorf & Seth Cohen's Child Should Arrive Very Soon

Well, here it is: A huge baby bump that I don't think any of us were expecting to see! In a surprising (and wonderful!) twist of fate, Leighton Meester is pregnant with her first child, which means pretty soon, she and husband Adam Brody will be parents. I know, I know — is it really that shocking that Meester's about to become a mom when she and Brody have been married for more than a year? It's still super exciting, though, partly because their baby-to-be will obviously receive a double helping of some seriously good genes. And now that we know she's pregnant, here's my next question: When is Leighton Meester due?

Unfortunately, there isn't a straight answer for that — or much in the way of any info about Meester's pregnancy at all. Before the news was confirmed by the former Gossip Girl actress herself, the cat was let out of the very pregnant bag when the first photos of Meester's bump emerged in May, and she was way further along than I thought she'd be — like, way further along. Thanks to the paparazzi, it's obvious that the actress has been keeping her growing family (and belly) a secret for a really long time, and she deserves some major props for that kind of undercover work. She clearly picked up a few hints about being sneaky and calculating from Blair Waldorf.

Even more recently, in on July 16, more paparazzi pics of Meester were released, and she looks about ready to pop:

And speaking of Blair Waldorf, I hope it's sunk in that we are now going to find out what would happen if she and Seth Cohen procreated. Spoiler alert: It's going to be magnificent.

But anyway, back to Meester's due date, which is still a mystery. Although it's hard to guess based on her baby bump alone, since all women carry differently and the size of the baby contributes to bump size, I'd guess that she was maybe six months along in May, which would make sure eight months along now. Besides, in an interview Meester did with Nylon in October, she mentioned that she and Brody were planning on having kids "next," so it's totally possible that she was already pregnant or at least trying to be when she dropped that hint.

It's totally possible that August or September will see the arrival of Meester's first baby, and I truly feel for her being pregnant in the hottest months of the year. Fingers crossed that she fills us in on the details of her pregnancy ASAP — for the record neither Meester nor Brody have confirmed the pregnancy so far — because I can't wait to see her and Brody become parents. They're going to be the most adorable mom and dad!