Is 'Stalker' Cancelled Or Renewed? Here Is What We'll Miss Now That Fans Can't Stalk The Show

CBS has put the kibosh on some first season shows recently, and among them was Stalker . The thrilling-crime drama starred Maggie Q and Dylan McDermott and revolved around the Threat Assessment Unit within the LAPD, where Q and her team would investigate stalking cases. The news that Stalker was cancelled, unfortunately, isn't all that surprising — even as a fan of the show. The show wasn't receiving nearly as many viewers as it needed to survive the fall season, and in a "last to come, first to leave" scenario, it was not given another chance to secure itself with fans after its move to Monday evenings.

Stalker was a pretty unique show in the sense that in addition to being a crime-drama, it fit very well into the thriller genre, too. The show covered all things under the "stalking" umbrella, from romantic fixation, to cult organizations, from celebrity stalking, to revenge stalking. Personally, I thought the show was pretty innovative, since I assumed it would only be about people who were obsessed with other people. It made me realize there are a lot of forms of stalking, and it constantly kept me on my toes, which is something I always look forward to in TV shows (it's not very common to see a good thriller show).

Here's what we'll miss now that the show has been cancelled.

Dylan McDermott And Maggie Q

Not only was the Beth and Jack romantic storyline just getting started, but these two actors are also engaged. Now they can't carpool to and from work. That just seems unjust.

Learning About Stalking

As mentioned above, stalking is a very broad term for a series of different actions. There are a ton of different stalking scenarios beyond the Mariah Carey "Why you so obsessed with me?" anthem. Each week varied in why the victim was being stalked. And sometimes, the victim was actually a bad guy, which really made things really interesting (read: mind bender).

The Cheap Thrills

Every "thriller" genre show is guilty of employing the cheap shot of someone jumping out and terrifying the victim. Stalker wasn't the first, and it surely won't be the last show (or movie) to do so. And even though those moments scared me for a second (I can only scream "DON'T OPEN THE CLOSET!" so many times) they are fun to have to keep your blood pumpin'.

The Chilling Moments

Stalker was really good at building up epic chills. The Beth and Perry storyline was terrifying. Even though those moments only happened here and there, they accumulated into some high blood pressure situations.

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