Rita Ora’s “Poison” Lyrics Tell A Story Many Listeners Will Relate To — LISTEN

On Monday, British pop star Rita Ora premiered her new single, "Poison." The 24-year-old singer has had consistent commercial success in the United Kingdom since she first debuted over three years ago (her last single, the Calvin Harris–produced "I Will Never Let You Down," went No. 1 last May), but she has yet to crack the notoriously tough U.S. market as a solo artist. (Of course, her recent collaboration with rapper Iggy Azalea, "Black Widow," did quite well stateside.) Will "Poison" change her luck?

Sadly, I can't exactly envision "Poison" burning up the Billboard Hot 100 chart, but it does feature a catchy, sing-along chorus and lyrics about a toxic (but irresistible) relationship that I think a lot of listeners will relate to. In other words, there may be some hope. On the track's first verse and pre-chorus, Ora sings:

I could have beer for breakfast

My sanity for lunch

Trying to get over how bad I want you so much

Innocence for dinner

Pour something in my cup

Anything and everything just to fill me up

But nothing ever gets me high like this...

As I said, "Poison's" chorus is pretty catchy, but its production sounds a bit... dated:

I pick my poison and it's you

Nothing could kill me like you do

You're going straight to my head

And I'm heading straight for the edge

I pick my poison and it's you

I pick my poison and it's you

"Poison" isn't my favorite Ora song (that honor goes to either 2013's "Radioactive" or 2012's "How We Do (Party)"), but it's still a decent effort. I like Ora a lot, so I really do hope it becomes a hit.