Is 'The Bachelorette' New Tonight? Don’t Let Another Surprise Keep You From The First Dramatic Rose Ceremony

Reality TV fans like myself are thrilled at the return of The Bachelorette, one of the greatest guilty pleasures on television. But our DVRs are confused; looking at the schedule for the next couple of days — wait, is there a new episode of The Bachelorette tonight? The show has always aired on Monday nights, but what's that hour-long block scheduled on Tuesday? That's reserved for the new Bachelorette episode on May 19 — one of the biggest episodes of the season. Not only will ABC be revealing the lady who will continue throughout the season as the official Bachelorette, but we will also see the very first rose ceremony, where the chosen Bachelorette will eliminate the first six guys. It's your chance to tune in to see if your favorite Bach woman made it, and if your favorite contestants get to come along with her for the ride.

It's pretty unusual that ABC would do this, especially since The Bachelor/ette series has always made a tradition of two-hour episodes on Mondays. So, why, after such a great two-hour premiere, would they cut things off and add a third hour on the next day? ...Who knows? Consider it a blessing, I guess, because even less than 24 hours after the premiere, this show is already both infuriating and totally addictive — hallmarks of a great season to come.

One thing I'm sure they wanted was for fans to argue on social media about which Bach alum should stick around for the full season. That's the big drama selling point: that out of the two potential Bachelorettes, that we'll only get either Kaitlyn or Britt, not both.

Kaitlyn is smart, charming, and has witty comments would make for great TV. But it could also easily end up being Britt who wins. She's the girl who is great at first impressions and got a lot of attention from men right out of the limo. I don't envy the guys' decision, they're both great women. It's too hard to choose!

But, rest assured, after we find out our winning Bachelorette, it's business as usual. Next week, on May 25, everything will go back to normal, and there will be only a single two-hour episode for the entire week. As for the crazy schedule this week? I guess just like this Bachelorette premiere had two stars, and arguably some of the most awkward entrances of all time, this season just had to get off to a dramatic start.

So, after tonight, your DVR can rest in peace, because there shouldn't be too many more shakeups in The Bachelorette's future. Mondays from 9-11 are where it belongs. But seriously, don't miss out on that May 19 episode — it may just be an hour long, but it will change the course of the entire season.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC; Giphy (2); BacheloretteABC/Tumblr