Model Eats 2-Pound Burrito In Under Two Minutes

Burrito lovers, prepare to be floored. To those who finish your entire Chipotle burrito bowl and still feel peckish afterward: A) Respect, that's the only way to do it, and B) You are about to regard this model who eats a two-pound burrito in less than two minutes to complete the Mad Mex Big Burrito challenge with pure reverence. We've seen some pretty legit eating contest champions, but you've got to love an amateur who comes out of nowhere to win it all. What a Cinderella story.

Unlike Cinderella, though, Nela Zisser was crowned Miss Earth New Zealand in 2013, and she is still actively pursuing modeling in addition to making a name in the competitive eating world. If there's a headline about you that reads: "Miss Earth competitor devours 1 kg burrito," then you've made it. Seriously, THAT'S how you bring in page likes. She was born in 1992 (so, younger AND better at eating burritos than I am), and at 22 is on her way to being a world renown model and competitive eater, which by the way is probably the best thing you could ever write on a business card.

Watch her stomach 2.2 pounds of burrito in 1 minute and 44 seconds:

She says her secret is not taking in too much air. (Insert Jordin Sparks ref here.)

(Me at 11:30AM when I decide I can no longer wait for it to be noon before devouring my sandwich.)

Here she is on GMA displaying her ~model behavior~:

In her spare time, she enjoys burger eating contests too:

And she knows how to rock a tiara:

May this inspire you to finish your whole lunch at Chipotle today, and then feel sluggish and resent me for that suggestion.

Images: NewZealand123/Wikimedia, YouTube