Chris Harrison "Rode" A Dino On 'The Bachelorette'

There was no shortage of discomfort during Monday's premiere of the double Bachelorette . From the sheer set-up of taking the power from the Bachelorette and handing it over to the men (after all, the beauty of the Bachelor is that after we watch women compete for the affections of a man, a group of men has to do the same thing — balance is restored and all is right in the world), to the constant competitive comments slung between Bachelorettes, this premiere was not exactly The Bachelorette I've come to love. Fortunately, one Bachelorette guy came with an ice-breaker that was ridiculous enough to make me forget this cruel experiment, if only for a second: A drawing of Chris Harrison as a Triceratops.

It's so ridiculous that it kind of sounds like something I'd make up to distract from how awkward it is to watch the equivalent of two friends going to a party and constantly hitting on the same guy — like a more painful, younger Groundhog Day. But I must say that I've never been gladder to see an artistic vision of a reality TV star in my entire life, but all I can think now is that someone — anyone — on Etsy needs to get it together and start putting this thing on T-shirts... and throw pillows... and giant canvases that I may or may not be willing to hang on the wall opposite by Bachelor-watching device.

If that doesn't work, I may be forced to get this as a tattoo. And that's probably going to be a decision I'll regret, so help me out, internet.