18 DIY Backyard Decorations That Will Take Your BBQ To The Next Level

Summer weather means one thing: it's time to spend as much time as possible outside, which means it's time for barbecues every weekend. If you're lucky enough to have some backyard space of your own, why not make it look amazing? You don't have to spend a ton of money on your outdoor items when you could make your own DIY backyard decorations and furniture.

Put a little bit of effort into a few of these projects, and you're guaranteed to have the coolest backyard ever. It will be the cozy little chill space that you've always wanted. The coolest thing about these DIY projects (and really, any DIY projects) is that everything will be totally unique to you — you can create these as they are, or put your own spin on them. Check out these 18 DIY backyard decorations to take your summer barbecues to the next level — and to make literally everyone jealous of your home.

Twine Candle Holder

When placed outside, candles give off some much-needed light while still keeping the atmosphere cozy and mysterious. Make outside-friendly candle holders with a simple candle holder and some twine.

Image and Tutorial: The Effortless Chic

Personal Fire Pit

If you’re not working with a ton of outdoor space and you have some time to spare, dedicate it to making this cool personal fire pit that looks like something straight out of Pottery Barn. This is perfect for small backyards, or even just a patio.

Image and Tutorial: The Art Of Doing Stuff

A Pallet Daybed

If you’re ready to put some serious work into your backyard, you need to check out this pallet daybed. You’re basically building the bottom part — the pallets — and you can either use an old mattress or you can find a cheap one online for cushions. This will make your backyard the comfiest place to hang out.

Image and Tutorial: Pretty Prudent

A Handy Basket

Looking for something smaller and easier? This rope basket is perfect for holding flowers, bottles of wine, or even some fruit. Make a few and stick them around your backyard to keep it well stocked.

Image and Tutorial: The Effortless Chic

A Neon Rope Light Sign

If you just want a cool decoration to spice up your backyard, go for something fun like this. You can make it say whatever you want, although I think “relax” sums everything up pretty well.

Image and Tutorial: A Beautiful Mess

A Fire Pit

Fire pits are awesome. They can also be pretty expensive. Why buy one when you could make it yourself? This is simple, it will keep you warm as it gets chilly, and it will just make your backyard look amazing.

Image and Tutorial: A Beautiful Mess

A Bench To Go Around Your Fire Pit

Once you have your fire pit, you obviously need to have places to sit around the fire pit (otherwise, what’s the point?). If you’re feeling ambitious, you can go the DIY route here too.

Image and Tutorial: A Beautiful Mess

A Hammock

Need more seating in your backyard? Make your own hammock. It’s perfect for reading, hanging out, or napping.

Image and Tutorial: Miss Lovie

A Tin Can Garden

Recycle, reuse, make a cool decoration, feel better about your contribution to the environment. These hanging plants will immediately spruce up any old fence out there.

Image and Tutorial: Ciera Design

Tissue Paper Flowers

If you already have hanging lights, make them even prettier with these tissue paper flowers. You can hang these from basically anything to add a little color to your backyard.

Image and Tutorial: A Beautiful Mess

Outdoor Pillows

If you have a couch or bench in your backyard, add some pillows for extra comfort and decoration. These are super simple and easy to make on your own.

Image and Tutorial: A Beautiful Mess

Mason Jar Hanging Lantern

It’s impossible for a mason jar to not look cute, so why not turn it into a pretty hanging lantern? You can put these all over the place for light and warmth. The stones look simple and cool, but you can really put whatever you want in yours.

Image and Tutorial: YouTube

A Patio Table With A Built-In Icebox

This project definitely isn’t easy or fast, but if you have the time and skills to get it done, you should do it because it’s awesome. This is your own patio table with a built-in icebox to hold beer, wine, alcohol… basically drinks of any kind. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that.

Image and Tutorial: Remodelaholic

Pretty Twine Lights

How cool do these lanterns look? You can hang them anywhere in your backyard — under an umbrella is a perfect choice.

Image and Tutorial: Splash Of Something

A Cute Welcome Mat

If you’re looking for something simple and cute, opt for this personalized welcome mat.

Image and Tutorial: A Beautiful Mess

A Ladder Garden

Forget traditional gardens! This DIY ladder garden is so cool and different, and it’s also a great way to get a garden into a small space.

Image and Tutorial: Ana White

Tuna Can Lanterns

Line your backyard with these deceptively easy lanterns, which use old tuna cans, vases or candle holders, and a wooden stick. It’s a great way to add light and charm.

Image and Tutorial: In My Own Style

Hammock Chair

Keep guests (or yourself!) comfy and cozy in this homemade hammock chair. This is another option that’s great for small spaces, because it won’t take up as much room as a regular hammock.

Image and Tutorial: A Beautiful Mess