15 Craziest 'We Are Your Friends' Trailer Moments, Because Zac Efron Knows How To Party — VIDEO

The world of electronic dance music, more commonly known as EDM, is having its moment in the sun. With DJs like Calvin Harris, David Guetta, and Avicii ruling the turn tables, music festivals like Coachella burning holes in pocketbooks, and Instagram filters like Lo-Fi making it all look so glamorous, the trend of electronic based-beats is as popular as ever. But how sustainable is the trend? In the first trailer for We Are Your Friends , starring Zac Efron, Emily Ratajikowski, and Wes Bentley, we see an aspiring 23-year-old DJ and the world that unravels around him as he tries to build a career in the profession.

Efron, with his penchant for cut-off shirts, wayfarer sunglasses, and bro-y roles — like that of the Neighbors variety — seems like an ideal choice for the role. Ratajikowski is proving her acting prowess in roles in Gone Girl and the upcoming Entourage movie, and audiences have seen Bentley's powerful performances for years, from his plastic bag monologues in Oscar-winning American Beauty to a perfectly kempt beard in the first Hunger Games installment. Throw the three actors in a single film and the effect is explosive. That is, if the trailer is anything like the feature like film. Here are 15 of the craziest moments from the trailer, from raging crowds to Zac Efron's perfect swan dive.

Zac Efron's Immaculate Running Form

I mean, look at those calfs.

Depressing Things That Plague Millennials

Ugh, why are we being reminded of these things?

What You Need To Be A Successful DJ

Calvin Harris made $66 million dollars in 2014. And it was that easy?

People Gyrating

...In bikini bottoms, because apparently, where there's an EDM DJ, there's an invisible pool.

Shiloh Fernandez's Beautiful Face

Drool is imminent.

Zac Efron In The Shower

You'll only see about half a second of this in the trailer, but that half second is a promise of much more dripping wet Zefron in the feature film.

Efron's Boyish Smirk

Clearly up to no good.

Efron's No Nonsense Face

Gotta get 'cha head in da game.

Sexualizing Ratajikowski's Internal Organs

Because lungs and veins and blood are sexy.

This Creepy Image

No one needs to see body hair that close.

When Efron Had Something In His Eye

...and no one was impressed.

When Vegas Happened

But likely nothing stayed there.

Underwater Fighting

They didn't even take their shoes off!

When Efron Made It

This is the big time, baby!

And Victoriously Swan Dives Into A Pool

We Are Your Friends is set to hit theaters August 28. Watch the first full trailer below:

Images: Warner Bros.; YouTube