Did John Mayer & Vanessa Carlton Date? 'Pitch Perfect 2' Isn't All Jokes

Who knew that Pitch Perfect 2 would be the stage to uncover secret Hollywood romances of the past? If you've seen the movie, it might have gotten you wondering if John Mayer ever dated the queen Tina Turner because of a certain scene in the movie. But, you know, this is a comedy and while it's possible he could have canoodled with Turner at some point, they didn't really date. One dating question that's brought up in the movie and doesn't seem to be a joke, is whether John Mayer and Vanessa Carlton dated in real life?

In one part of Pitch Perfect 2, there's a sing-off in which contestants must sing songs from artists that fit a certain category, and the super specific category, "Songs By People Who Dated John Mayer" comes up. I guess when you think about, the category is actually quite broad considering the pretty long list of women who Mayer has dated throughout the years. In the scene, one a capella group busts out "A Thousand Miles" by Vanessa Carlton, and I'm sure many viewers were confused. They dated?!

Well, well, color me surprised, but there are some very strong clues that playboy John Mayer was indeed hanging out Vanessa Carlton in the early '00s. This was a strange time for music and fashion, so I will let this slide, Vanessa. But when and how did this happen? There are sites offering John Mayer relationship timelines, because it's obvious that his love life has stirred some headlines throughout the years. Remember that time he dated Jessica Simpson and said those really TMI comments about their love life? Cringe.

Back in 2001, John Mayer released his first album, Room for Squares, and his singles were blowing up on the charts. Naturally, he took this opportunity to start shmoozing with some fellow artists and Hollywood ladies. In the same year, Vanessa Carlton also came soaring onto the scene with the song that would make her a superstar, "A Thousand Miles." It was in that time when they were first entering the world of Hollywood that they are said to have started dating on and off.

There isn't too much information out there about this couple, considering it was a little before the time of invasive celebrity gossip boards and social media, but the New York Daily News claims that Carlton did officially announce they were a couple of her official site message board. Oh man, remember those things?

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The couple didn't last too long, and soon began Mayer's ascent to prime Hollywood playboy. Around the same timeframe of 2002-2003, Mayer also began seeing Jennifer Love Hewitt. In 2003, Mayer and Carlton both performed at an Elton John tribute and any possible bad blood between the exes was probably thrown to the wind. Mayer went on to date pretty much every hot new actress and singer under the sun and Carlton is now happily married with a newborn baby, so things turned out for the best for everyone.

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