Did John Mayer Really Date Tina Turner?

There's a lot to love about Pitch Perfect 2 , and honestly? I think the fact that it even put the question of whether or not John Mayer really dated Tina Turner is the best part. I mean, how amazing would that be? Mayer's been allegedly linked to nearly every former '90s teen icon, every up-and-coming recording artist, and every attractive woman in Hollywood ever, so it wouldn't be a complete and total surprise if he had dated the legendary music icon...

But, did he? In the world of Pitch Perfect 2 , at least, it seems like he may have: As those who have seen the film know, the sequel to 2012's Pitch Perfect makes an unexpected, vague implication that the duo were romantically together at one point. I mean, personally, I shudder at the thought for Tina Turner's sake, because she is queen and can do so much better. (Mayer, on the other hand, should consider himself #blessed if this is true.) But, is there any grain of truth here, or is it just a throwaway joke?

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like the answer is as simple as asking the question. While the media may have a pretty good idea of Mayer's relationship past, it's technically possible that Mayer and Turner had an under-the-radar relationship at one point — simply because there's literally no report out there denying it. It's like the idea of "innocent until proven guilty," except in this case, it's "possible until proven false."

That said, however, I find myself majorly suspicious this possibility, mostly because it seems like Mayer's dating history has been so busy, I don't know when the relationship would have happened (or, like, how it would go unnoticed by literally everyone). I'm going to call this one a joke and call it a day — but if you want proof, here's a list of some ladies Mayer has been romantically connected with, in somewhat chronological order.

Jennifer Love Hewitt (2001-2002)

Jennifer Love Hewitt was the OG John Mayer celebrity girlfriend — in fact, rumor has it that Mayer wrote "Your Body Is A Wonderland" about Hewitt, in case anyone needed an unsettling visual.

Vanessa Carlton (2002)

According to Celebuzz, rumor has it she dated Mayer for about a year.

Jessica Simpson (2006-2007)

Jessica Simpson, who Mayer referred to as "sexual napalm" in a Playboy interview, dated Mayer after her split from Nick Lachey.

Minka Kelly (2007)

According to People, the couple had a "quiet breakup."

Jennifer Aniston (2008-2009)

Another awkward relationship reveal — again from the Playboy tell-all interview.

Taylor Swift (2009-2010)

Oh, this? Yeah, this relationship definitely happened. The proof? According to MTV, THERE'S AN ENTIRE ALBUM ABOUT IT. Meanwhile, Taylor Swift twirls in the breeze, brushing off the haters.

Kim Kardashian (At Some Point In Late 2010?)

Back in 2010, Mayer was allegedly hooking up with Kim Kardashian — or, at least, spending a lot of time with her, according to Jezebel — a rumor that may or may not be true. BUT, this is too weird of a coupling not to include.

Katy Perry (2012-2015)

Just when it started to look like these two crazy kids might actually make it... they didn't. According to E! Online, the two broke up earlier this year.

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