A Journey Through Tyra Banks' Hair Evolution

by Christie Drozdowski

Tyra Banks has been a major personality within the fashion industry since the beginning of her modeling days in the early '90s. But as well as being a sartorial (and editorial) goddess, it's worth noting the magic of Tyra Banks hairstyles. Of course, everything from her personal fashion to her TV personality (and super popular Top Model franchise) has been the topic of discussion (and sometimes controversy) over the decades. And although there's a plethora of aspects to zone in on, it's Tyra Banks' hair and her myriad of 'dos that I'm going to focus on here.

Despite her all but retired status as a model, Tyra Banks continues to make an impact in the fashion industry as a whole as a major player. Her fame and ability to remain a household name keep her always in the know. But with her exploits in television, from Top Model to her own talk show, she's crossed industry lines. And who can forget her stint in Hollywood in the early 2000s in movies like Coyote Ugly and Life-Size? She even briefly branched out into music when she released her single "Shake Ya Body" in 2008, using the Top Model competitors in said video.

While she has a lifetime of success in a variety of fields to boast, Tyra undoubtedly still has even more to offer the entertainment and fashion industries. She's currently revamping her "brand" with a new hairstyle (which I'll talk more about in a bit), and for each new look she's delved into, there has seemed to be a direct implication about her brand as a celebrity. So let's explore what each of those past styles meant, beginning with where she's at currently.

1. Her New Pixie Cut

Though she’s famous for having girls cut all their hair off on the makeover episodes each season of America's Next Top Model, she’s never actually rocked this look herself. Well, 2015 is the year of the pixie for Banks. She debuted the look a couple of months ago, and it’s set a new tone for her celebrity brand. “Futuristic business woman is what I’m going for with this hair,” she told People.

2. Voluminous Long Curls

This has been Tyra's look for most of her Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated fashion shoots, and therefore, the look that has essentially defined her style for the majority of her career. Amongst her many talents, I'm sure these locks couldn't have hurt her rise to fame. They echoed the public persona she has of being a luscious, curvy babe and powerful influencer in the industry.

3. Bangs

I remember when Ty first debuted bangs on America’s Next Top Model. It kinda became a staple look for her as the host and judge of the popular show. It seemed to say that she not only knew what she was talking about as a judge and mentor because of her experience in modeling, but also because of her ability to understand the trends in the industry from a broader perspective than just her own.

4. Natural Hair

Whenever she’s been spotted with braids or other more natural hairstyles, it’s been nothing but empowering — a statement to say that she can do whatever she wants with her body (hair or otherwise) and completely rock it.

5. Red Hair

There was a brief stint in the early 2000s during which Tyra sported a cherry red hue for her luscious locks. This look was another way of saying that she’ll do whatever she wants with her hair. But furthermore, she reminded us that women (regardless of shape, color, size, or style) all have the right to go bold and experimental with their looks.

6. Baby Hair

If you’ve watched enough Top Model, you know Tyra’s penchant for that "natural baby hair" that often grows from the top center of your forehead. Not everyone still has theirs, but Tyra has always let people know that it’s OK to have them, and to not be ashamed for 'em. Many of her hairstyles have promoted a love for natural beauty.

7. The Lob

This one was mostly seen during her Cover Girl days. It spoke to Tyra's ability to capture a beauty that resonated with the average woman. The look was, realistically, quite simple, but it helped women all over the world who sported that same style to identify with her. Just as many women still do today.

Images: Getty; tyrabanks, tyraalicious /Instagram