7 Sexy Swimsuits In Sizes 4X And Over

I remember 10 years ago, I struggled to find a sexy and supportive swimsuit in a size 12; but nowadays, plus-size women are rocking fatkinis with confidence and the 'gram is all the better for it. And it's not just indie designers, but also some mainstream retailers that are selling low-rise bikinis, fatkinis, and midkinis — but what about swimsuits in size 4X or over?

I own two bikinis and I love them so much that I literally plan trips around wearing them. But while I was enjoying my bikini bliss, a friend asked me where she could find a bikini in her size — a 26. As I began to check all the usual sites that I stalk for my own swimwear, I had to check my privilege. As a size 22 on the top and size 24 on the bottom, I can fit into most mainstream 3X or 22/24 suits, and the more I looked, the more I realized a lot of brands stopped their sexier swimwear options right at my size.

Determined to help my friend, I'm pretty sure I searched for hours that night. It wasn't that I couldn't find swimsuits size 26 and up, but I couldn't find hardly anything that didn't involve shorts, a ruffle skirt, or a heavily ruched tankini. This search was so frustrating because as an indie designer who makes apparel and accessories up to 5X, I know that the correlation between size and skin covered is a total myth. Women of all sizes want and rightfully deserve the same options.

Thankfully, there are retailers that do make sexy swimsuits for sizes 26 and up (that are still supportive) and I found them so you don't have to cry into your computer screen at the sight of yet another ruffled swimskirt.

1. The Pinup Style

Cherry Bombshell Ruffle Underwire Top and High Waist Bottom, $140, B lack Cat Bikinis

Modeled by the flawless Tess Holliday, the cherry bombshell bikini from Black Cat Bikinis is so body posi, it hurts. It's not only an adorable suit with a fun print and a supportive underwire, but it's available up to a size 6XL on the bottom and an H cup in the bra.

2. The Sweetheart

Cactus Underwire Tube Bikini Top, $8, AdditionelleCactus Mix & Match Solid Swim Bottom, $48, Additionelle

A sweetheart neckline used to be one of those fashion trends plus-size women were told wasn't for us. This sweetheart neckline bikini top from Addition Elle proves just how silly fashion rules really are, because look how freaking cute it is. This underwire bikini goes up a size 4X and is paired with solid bottoms that go up to the same size.

3. The Peekaboo Cheetah Print

Leopard Print Bikini Top, $36, TorridLeopard Print High-Waisted Swim Bottom, $22, Torrid

As an Italian woman, I am never going to pass up an opportunity to sing the praises of cheetah print and this bikini is no exception. Between the peekaboo and the cheetah print, this Torrid suit is uber-sexy and it's available up to the brand's size 5, which is equivalent to a size 30/32.

4. The Colorblock

Magisculpt Highwaisted Bikini Pantie, $27, SimplybeMagisculpt Body Sculpting Bikini Top, $40, Simplybe

When I found this colorblock bikini bottom, I had to pinch myself. The colorblock style is a huge trend in straight sizes, and it's just making it's way into plus-sizes, so I was so excited to find it on SimplyBe in a 26 and 28 at a reasonable price! Unfortunately, the top they paired with the bottoms is sold out in anything above a 40C, but the bottoms can easily be paired with another black bikini top from the same brand that goes up to size 46I.

5. The Preppy Pastel

Lilly Pulitzer Women's Plus Size High Waist Bikini Bottom, $24, TargetLilly Pulitzer Women's Plus Size Underwire Bikini Top, $24, Target

When I heard that Lilly Pulitzer was doing a line for Target and that it would include plus-sizes, I figured that none of the preppy styles would appeal to my gaudy sensibilities, but when I saw blogger GarnerStyle wear this pastel tropical bikini, I was sold by the sheer glamour of her styling. Both the bikini top and bottom are stocked up to a size 26W.

6. The Mesh One-Piece

Sand and Glam Illusion Swimsuit, $126, Kiyonna

While my search initially excluded any one-piece suits, I found the mesh and neckline on this suit from Kiyonna to still fit the criteria of "sexy and supportive suit in a size 4X and up." I also like that the brand features a sidebar with photos of plus-size bloggers of many sizes to show how this suit fits on bodies other than the model's frame.

7. The Fun Floral

'50s Halter Bikini Top in Summer Rose Print, $19, AsosHighwaist Bikini Bottom in Summer Rose Print, $15, Asos

While I've never personally bought anything from ASOS, I've been told that its size 24 can comfortably fit a size 28-30 in most cases, so that's why I included this floral two-piece on this list. Floral in summer may be cliche, but it's still a totally cute look.

Images: Courtesy Brands