31 Plus Size Women In Bikinis Who Prove That Fatkini Season Is The Best Season

For years, I remember looking at a photo of my three-year-old self on the beach that was hanging up at my parents' house and thinking, "I haven't worn a bikini since then." It wasn't that I didn't want to wear one, however, so much as that no one was really making bikinis for plus-size women.

While I've continued to steer clear of the my three-old-self's bowl cut, I have gotten back into bikinis thanks to the plethora of options now available to plus-size women. This is thanks much in part to the oft-credited inventor of the term "fatkini," Gabifresh, whose collaborative line for Swimsuitsforall makes many an appearance on this list of plus-size bikini babes.

When you're in the plus-size community and part of the body positive movement, it's really not a big deal to see a fat woman in a bikini. In fact, it's common. But as evidenced by the viral explosion of Skorch Magazine publisher Jessica Kane's beach photo, it's still major mainstream news that a fat woman wears a swimsuit to the beach like a "normal" human being.

I realize that most people are still not exposed to so many beautiful fat babes in bikinis enough on a regular basis to find it "normal" yet. So even though I'm still not sure if I should be wearing my winter jacket some days or not, I wanted to share just a few of the many gorgeous bikini photos that I've seen already this year on the 'gram in anticipation of summer, to remind you that bikini season doesn't have a size limit.

by Alysse Dalessandro

Kelly Augustine

I swear this photo of Full Figured Fashion Week’s Blogger of the Year, Kelly Augustine is straight out of the plus-size version of Baywatch.


Chastity Garner

When plus-size blogger Garnerstyle posted this pic three weeks ago from the not yet released Lilly Pulitzer X Target line, it’s safe to say she helped fuel the lust for this collection, which sold out in mere minutes this weekend.


Crystal Coons

If you feel unprepared for summer, just take one look at the blog of Crystal Coons’ Sometimes Glam because by mid-March, she had already completed a full week of bikini coverage, which she deemed “Swim Week.”



When Chanté of the blog Everything Curvy & Chic goes on vacation, I mentally prepare myself to freak out over all of the cute bikini photos that I can expect. This time she even did a plus-size bikini video lookbook.



I love what the brand Rue107 has been doing lately with their long sleeve bikinis, and Kim of the blog Naturally Fashionable shows why this look is so perfect for summer.


Gabi Gregg

I mean, did you really think I could make a list of plus-size bikini babes and not include the founder herself, Ms. Gabi Gregg? She’s wearing a suit from the Gabifresh x SwimSexy line and killin’ it, of course.



I love what plus-size YouTuber Brittney posted in the caption of this photo: “Bikinis aren’t just a luxury for the thin. The choice is yours. You are capable of being the person you dream of being. Rock your own world.”


Elizabeth Taylor

Plus Model Elizabeth Taylor (yes it’s her real name) gives me Carmen Miranda gaudy girl fatkini realness in this photo and I am here for it!


Kelsey Rose Weber

Just looking at the palm trees in the background of this photo makes me want to run and put my bikini on and find the closest pool. Plus model Kelsey Rose Weber looks adorable in this floral bikini by Betsey Johnson.


Ashleigh Rhoades

How could you not be happy looking at this photo of aspiring plus-size blogger, Ashleigh Rhoades? Confidence and positivity just radiate from her smile.


Tess Holliday

There are plenty of badass bikini photos of plus-size model, blogger, advocate and all-around angel Tess Holliday on Instagram, but this one that she took while in Australia with her fiancé is just everything to me.



Jolene of the blog Boardroom Blonde, like her pal Crystal of Sometimes Glam, has already featured multiple bikinis on her blog this year and looked fab in every one. She even wrote a guide on how to find a plus-size swimsuit.


Shainna Tucker

Shainna Tucker of the blog A Thick Girl’s Closet paired a Monif C. bikini bottom with a Swimsuitsforall top and made a look that is pure genius.


Danielle Ferguson

Plus model and hairstylist Danielle Ferguson had this donut print bikini custom made by Pink Moon Prophecy and I am thankful for its adorable existence.


Nicole Simone

When Charlotte Russe released their plus-size line, there sadly wasn’t any swimwear, but that didn’t stop blogger Nicole Simone of the blog Curves on a Budget from pairing this Charlotte Russe top with Gabifresh x SwimSexy bottoms.


Fluvia Lacerda

International plus-size model Fluvia Lacerda may have been the model that you bought your bikini off of when you were online shopping but that didn’t stop her from sharing this gorgeous un-retouched photo of herself on the beach.


Ivory Jinelle

L.A.-based blogger Ivory Jinelle has a personal style that makes me want to pack up and move to the West Coast. She always plays with colors and print and this bikini moment is no exception.


Ashleigh The Lion

Blogger Ashleigh the Lion is perfection personified and she knows it. I live for her photo series “Fat & Perfect” and even though I’m not sure if this is a complicated bodysuit or bikini, with how fierce she looks, I’m not sure it matters.


Sweet Jane

Hey, if you can’t get to the beach yet then just make your own! I love the mermaid bottoms paired with a tee here for a streetwear style bikini look.



Kristine of the blog Trendy Curvy features a plus-size swimwear roundup every year full of gorgeous bikini photos, including this shot wearing Monif C.


Jessica Biffi

Reading Jessica Biffi’s Instagram bio, which lists her as a fashion designer, accessory designer, stylist, blogger, and nail art addict, I wondered if I had found my long lost twin. One look at her swimwear blog and I was totally sold on her cuteness.


Glitter + Lazers

Fed up with the posts she kept seeing on “flattering” plus-size swimwear, stylist and blogger Glitter + Lazers spent 10 hours making her own body positive swimsuit guide.


Jennifer Buckingham

L.A.-based plus size model and blogger Jennifer Buckingham posted this photo on Valentine’s Day when I was likely knee-deep in snow here in Ohio trying to get my hands on some chocolate covered grapes. Buckingham also penned a post for a blog about her own journey to wearing a bikini that is a must-read!


Charisma Monroe

For those of you that are looking for a bikini look on a budget, blogger Charisma Monroe has you covered! She posted this look on her blog and the total look came in at $47 even though she looks like a million bucks.



I found Victoria on Instagram because she shared her photo with Essie Golden’s hashtag, #GoldenConfidence which is one that has encompassed many gorgeous bikini photos like this one since its inception.


Chelsea M

I love the personal style of blogger and photographer Chelsea Is Workin On It, so I couldn’t have been happier to see her rocking this fatkini in all of her fierce glory.


Margitte, Andi, And Kyla

This photo is really babe overload and I expected nothing less when I headed to Instagrammer @truefat’s page. I can always count on her and her friends to be looking the absolute cutest.

@margitte, @andipluscat, and @truefat

Sarah Rae Vargas

Plus-size blogger and YouTuber Sarah Rae Vargas released her 2015 plus-size swimwear lookbook just in time for this post. And as expected, every look is a winner.


Mia Juicy

Plus model Mia Juicy posted many gorgeous photos in her first bikini and I am not mad at it. The bikini is from maven Monif C. and it couldn’t be more perfect.


Cailey Darling

Blogger and MUA Cailey Darling can always be counted on to look like a mermaid and be rocking a bare belly. This top from Target’s new Ava & Viv line looks made for her!


Yours Truly

Because I love a bikini too, damnit.