Tinder For The Tattooed? It's A Thing

by Julia Guerra

Are you looking for sparks, for adventure, for some seriously awesome ink? Chicago based iPhone/Android app Tat Chat is like Tinder for the tattooed, and it's a super cool concept. We need more of these hyper-specific dating apps!

The overall concept of dating app -- or what I like to consider the hookup hotline -- Tinder is actually quite genius. We've got an application hooked up to our Facebook profiles where we pretty much spill our life story, likes, dislikes and type of human we prefer to associate ourselves with, and given this information it arranges a stream of possible matches, available at our fingertips. Perfect, right? Eh, not quite.

Unfortunately, Tinder has gotten a bad rap. What started off as an online dating site gone mobile is now filled with creepers or simply people who clearly are not looking for the same things you are. So, what if you could get even more specific? If people with only tattoos can develop their own dating app, imagine just how meticulous these digital matching applications can get? Oh, the possibilities! *Cue evil genius laugh*

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When it comes down to it: love is not always easy to find. You'll stumble, fall, bruise, pick yourself up again and repeat the process until the fall is graceful, with that special person holding out their arms to catch you. Until then, we can certainly make the process of finding our one and only a bit easier. Check out my list of 7 dating apps that should be a thing ASAP.

1. Must Love Dogs

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If you're not loyal to those puppy eyes, then who ARE you loyal to!?

2. Calling All Feline Fans


Those who love cats belong to a very specific, obsessive culture that only other cat lovers understand.

3. Lonely Starbucks Lovers


Starbucks is not a drink. It is a lifestyle. Tight pants, hipster shades and a venti caramel macchiatto with a shot of espresso thown into that baby.

4. Dunkin Dwellers


America runs on Dunkin. Does your one true love?

5. Rock N' Love

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You head bang to Sleeping with Sirens and cry at the sound of Vic Fuentes voice. Crowd surfers unite at last.

6. Literary Loving

Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images News/Getty Images

You love by the book. A happy ending is required.

7. (T)Swift in Love

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

For those who dream of a love story written by the likings of Taylor Swift.

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