Kirk's Best & Worst Jobs On 'Gilmore Girls'

When you think of Gilmore Girls, what pops into your head first? Is it Lorelai and Rory's amazing relationship? Luke and Lorelai as the show's OTP? The hilarious, fast-talking banter? Rory's many boyfriends and the debate on who was the best (hint: the answer is Jess)? Sure, all those things are accurately memorable. But for me, one of the best things about Gilmore Girls was the quirky friends and townspeople that filled the Gilmores' lives. Basically, I love me some Kirk. He may at times be simultaneously the most endearing and obnoxious character on the series, and he may not always be the most-liked. But, Kirk's journey to discover his passions in life was admirable to watch, even when he did a terrible job. Kirk worked so many jobs while Gilmore Girls was on the air, that choosing just some of the best and worst was tough.

There have been many and from all different fields. From creating terrible beauty products, to showing Luke some beautiful diamond rings that he received after a lot of hard work, Kirk has in fact tried his hardest at finding the perfect job that can incorporate his many skills. I'm sure that wherever he is now, he's still trying to find that job. And in the meantime, he's probably taken on so many more strange, stupid, wonderful gigs. These are just some of the greatest and most terrible jobs Kirk had, ranked from worst to best.

15. Filmmaker

You tell me guys. Bad or incredible? Kirk's short film is polarizing to say the least.

14. Diner Owner

Thankfully Kirk's Diner began and ended extremely quickly as Luke's needed to be fixed up. Like anyone can actually compete with Luke's.

13. Beauty Product Creator

He gave Lorelai several free bottles of his "Hay There" wrinkle cream and other skin care products. He then took them away as apparently, they were horrifyingly unhealthy.

12. Hot Dog

Technically he was dressed as a wiener, but Lorelai did not ask Kirk to dress up in costume and hand out lunch flyers for the Dragonfly outside of Luke's. Sookie did. And it was annoying.

11. Pedicab Driver

Oh, yeah, he was straight up terrible at this job. As Lorelai pointed out, Gypsy walking by on foot out-strolled Kirk as a pedicab driver with Lorelai and Rory in the back.

10. Tow Truck Driver

The problem here is that no one took him seriously as a tow truck driver. Poor Kirk.

9. Weird Mailboxes

They were frightening. If Kirk offered me one of these, it would be a hard pass for me. For goodness sakes, he made a Condoleeza Rice mailbox. Totally creepy.

8. Parachutist

It just wasn't his thing guys, he couldn't gauge the wind.

7. Movie Theater Usher

I loved Kirk, the movie theater usher! He wasn't the greatest at the job, and yes he spent a lot of time making out with Lulu while the movies were playing, but he had love for the movies that meant he was willing to re-enact scenes from films, and that's something I would watch any day of the week.

6. Security Officer

Even Lorelai felt protected by Kirk during this venture. Though having that dumb little scooter/car thing riding around Stars Hollow probably got real old real fast.

5. Wedding DJ

Liz's guests didn't seem to mind Kirk as the DJ when he played her wedding to TJ!

4. Ring Salesman

Luke actually found a ring he wanted to give Lorelai out of Kirk's collection. That alone gives Kirk's ring salesman gig an A+, even if he got the rings in semi-creepy ways. (From old ladies he befriended who later willed them to him. You have to give him points for creativity.)

3. War Re-Enacter

This one doesn't totally count as he was a fill-in at the last second for his girlfriend Lulu, but Kirk was flawless in his red dress playing a prostitute working for the rebels during the Revolutionary War. And you have to admit, he's definitely dedicated to doing a good job here.

2. T-Shirt Maker

I would have bought the crap out of all of these shirts. But alas this venture didn't last long.

1. Dog Walker

How cute is this? It definitely seemed like Kirk found his calling with this job, at least for a little while. I kind of wish he had stuck with it.

Images: Screenshot/WB (8); gilmorisms/Tumblr