13 Primark Items That The U.S. Locations Need To Sell So We Can All Live The British Life On The Cheap

If you haven't heard of Primark, then I'm happy to introduce you to the amazing U.K. fashion franchise. What's more, if you haven't already heard the good news, you're in for a treat, because Primark in America is actually becoming a reality.

The massive chain store will make its stateside debut in Boston later this year, with other locations to pop up in the Northeast come 2016. With that wonderful news (even though there's a large majority of us who won't be able to grace the new stores with our presence and pocketbooks), we need to start mentally preparing ourselves for the kinds of things we're (hopefully) going to be able to purchase!

When I say "mentally prepare" ourselves, I honestly mean it. Primark is like Forever21 on steroids, jam-packed with the latest European fashions to boot. The shops are usually at least two stories tall, with Women's, Men's, Kid's, Home, and Beauty sections. Fingers crossed it has all of these sections available in the U.S. locations to come.

My sisters-in-law, who are English, have a fun nickname for Primark: They call it "Primani," because it literally is the Armani for the average person. So, seriously, get ready to see high fashion looks and the most adorable accessories at the most attainable prices. Primark's website even has a section called "Primania," because it honestly sparks that much interest in fashion lovers and Instagrammers alike.

Anyway, if I could have my way, I'd want to see the following items (or things very much like them) in the U.S. stores. Let's start with accessories, shall we?

1. Saddle Bag

Black Saddle Bag, $12, primark.com

Because it's lovely and ornate but incredibly inexpensive! Primark has great handbags for around this price or cheaper.

2. Elephant Watch

Tan Strap Elephant Face Watch, $8, primark.com

Perfectly trendy, adorable, and again super affordable. What's not to love about Primark's accessories?

3. Printed Scarves

Bright Bird Scarf, $8, primark.com

I know it's the French who are known for their love of scarves, but it's the English who personally taught me how to wear one. Primark has some lovely spring designs out now, but here's hoping it has as equally lovely looks for winter when the stores come our way.

4. Dollar Sunglasses

Two Tone Wayfarer Sunglasses, $2, primark.com

Primark always has £1 sunglasses, and I'm hoping it continues this feature for $1 sunglasses in America. Obviously, the ones above round up to $2, but I think the brand can find a way to market $1 sunnies to us, too!

5. Denim, Denim, And More Denim

Denim Body Con Dress, $25, primark.com

I don't think the denim craze or the acid wash trend are going anywhere just yet, so bring it on, Primark! The only downside of the retailer is that it doesn't have a plus-size section,which is something I'd love for it to add on for the U.S. stores. But its sizes do go up to a U.K. 22, which is approximately a U.S. 18. While the range isn't as exclusive as it could be, at least it's not as totally marginalizing that of some brands.

6. Dresses

Orange Frill Bardot Dress, $8, primark.com

Primark has the widest selection of dresses that I've ever seen in one store, so I'm assuming and hoping things will be the same in the U.S. This coral number is adorable and a real throwback to trends of yesteryear. That Brigitte Bardot neckline is on fleek.

7. Maternity

Blue Chiffon Maternity Top, $16, primark.com

As a pregnant woman, I would love for Primark to carry its Maternity section in America. Even though I'll have already given birth by the time the stores launch, it wouldn't hurt for my next time around.

8. Pajamas

Blue Stripe PJ Set, $12, primark.com

PJs at Primark are a staple item. Cute and cozy, you really can't go wrong; so I hope the brand makes this level of comfort available to us, too.

10. Panties

Mint Pink Spotty Hipster Briefs, $2, primark.com

Like its £1 sunglasses, there's often a £1 bin of its trendy print knickers. Hopefully the Primark folks will roll out $1 bins of these adorable panties stateside.

11. Baby Clothes

New Born Flamingo Print Dress, $9, primark.com

Primark's children's section stocks clothes from newborns to pre-teen, so it'll make mommies everywhere happy to get all the family shopping in at one store if it offers these lines in America.

12. Home Accessories

Cupcake Novelty Sponge, $2, primark.com

Primark also has the cutest home products, like this sponge for your bathroom! Fingers crossed it sells all its other trending home products in U.S. stores as well!

13. Beauty Products

24 Hour Deep Hydration Cream, $2, primark.com

Probably not the best in quality, because it is so inexpensive, but having the option of grabbing a quick beauty fix near the check out line is always helpful.

While it would be rad for American Primark to stock all of the above, here's hoping for the brand to finally launch that e-retail site we've all been waiting for, too.

Images: Primark/Facebook; Courtesy Brand; Giphy