Primark is Coming to America!

Great news for budget fashion-lovers! No, I'm not talking about Loehmann's online re-launch. I'm talking about something way cooler — discount retailer Primark plans to open its first store in the United States by late 2015. Take your time, Primark. I'll wait.

The U.S. expansion will begin with a 70,000 square foot location opening in Boston, Mass., with more locations in the north-east appearing by mid-2016. Primark, which is kind of like European Forever21, has more than 250 shops in Europe and has been expanding internationally since 2006 with locations in Spain, the Netherlands, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, Austria, and France. Rising profits led to the push for an American expansion, and I could not be more excited.

As with Topshop when it arrived in Soho in spring 2009, Primark hitting Boston could be a very big deal. The retailer is super popular overseas, and the budget-friendly prices mean it will likely do well with stylish middle class teens. BBC News has pointed out that U.K. chains sometimes have difficulty taking off in the U.S., citing Marks & Spencer as a failed attempt. However, "Arcadia Group announced in February that it would continue U.S. expansion of Topshop and Topman by opening a flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York in the autumn."

There's no telling just yet if Primark will find Topshop-level success in United States, but if they're still selling these cat tights pictured below you can bet I'll on the next bus to Boston.

Image: primark/Instagram