Ranking 'Veronica Mars' Characters By Squad Goals, The Most Important Metric There Is

A long time ago, there used to be a show called Veronica Mars (Marshmallows, see what I did there?). And what a wonderful show it was. Even though the Veronica Mars characters were unlike any people I knew in my real life — thankfully, or else that would have made for a v. dramatic high school experience — I was completely drawn to them and almost wished I was a Neptune Pirate (almost). Fast forward to today, seven years after the three-season show ended, there's a highly successful fan-funded movie that fans waited years for, and still a ton of motion on the Veronica Mars fan front.

Some of the characters on Veronica Mars might have made you wish you were friends with them in high school and college, and some were people you could easily say "You rock, don't ever change," to in the yearbook. Others? Well, there's a handful of Neptunites that you'd want to avoid like the plague.

But let's focus more on the key players in the three-season, one-movie (so far) lifespan of Veronica Mars — the characters you'd actually want in your crew. Here are the Veronica Mars characters ranked by #SquadGoals.

10. Duncan Kane

He is both hot and cold, can be distant, and last we heard, lives in Australia. He's just not conducive to squad membership.

9. Weevil Navarro

Weevil is someone you'd like to think has a heart of gold, but when he's running around town with PCHers, he can bring a bit of a risk. He's great for some witty moments, though.

8. Dick Casablancas

Relatively harmless? Yes. But someone you can count on? Probably not. Dick has no idea what is going on around him half the time, and when he does, he's usually offending someone about it.

7. Cliff McCormack

While he's not one of the most pivotal characters, Cliff is someone it probably wouldn't hurt to have in your squad. Think of him as a "get out of jail free" card.

6. Piz

Piz has great qualities for the squad. He will be there for you when you need him, and he'll probably put up with your crap when no one else will. But if you err on the side of dramatic, don't pull sweet, sweet Piz into things.

5. Logan Echolls

Logan is funny, relatively reliable, and loyal to a fault. Perfect squad material. Just be sure to keep on his good side.

4. Mac

Not only is Mac fiercely loyal and fun to hang out with, but she can probably explain the Cloud to you, which is MEGA-SQUAD MATERIAL.

3. Veronica Mars

Veronica is savvy, intelligent, witty, and completely squad material. But she also tends to find danger, which is the only real reason she isn't in the top two.

2. Keith Mars

Who's your daddy? Keith Mars is the (fictional) father we'd all love to have, right? He is supportive, kind, looks out for those he cares about, and will always be there when you need him. He's someone you'll want in your corner for #SquadLife.

1. Wallace Fennel

Wallace Fennel is definition of #SquadGoals. Look it up in the dictionary, you're gonna see my man Wallace smiling right back. Wallace has proven he'll do anything for his squad, and therefore, his squad should do anything for him. He'll school you on the court, but hold your hand during a scary movie (probably). Wallace Fennel, be my friend. Please?

Images: The CW; Veronica F***ing Mars/Tumblr (10)