5 Shops For Extended Size Bras So That Bustier Babes Can Find Some Sexy Lace Numbers Too

Lingerie is something that is making a comeback into discussions within the "normal" world of everyday fashion these days, and our love for deliciously sensual, beautiful, gorgeous bras and bralettes continues in all its suggestive glory. But for those women who happen to be more "well-endowed" when it comes to the ta-tas, finding extended size bras that are actually sexy can be somewhat of a daunting, difficult task.

One good thing happening in the sartorial world right now is that we can actually talk about lingerie more openly than ever! No longer is it just for the bedroom or the pages of Cosmo. In a previous article of mine, I wrote about how I posted a photo of myself in lingerie every day for a week, in which I expressed that the road to my own self-confidence started with wearing sexy lingerie. Lingerie has the power to make any woman look (and feel) incredible, and thus, it's now become a fashion staple and an important part of our daily ensembles.

Plus-size fashion has said "goodbye" to grannie bras and has completely embraced the world of the sexy bra, giving all curvy women (including ones with lovely, large, and heavy ta-tas) a plethora of choices when it comes to lingerie that is feminine, sensual, playful, flirty, and sexy. There are many plus-size retailers that offer sexy bras for the busty babe (which is brilliant), but what about all the bustier babes who happen to be straight-size?

Most straight-size lingerie stores don't carry sizes past a DD, which can be frustrating for all the women with bigger boobies who need an extended bra size but don't need the plus-size fit. So in light of this, let's take a look at five places for the bustier babe to shop for extended size bras that are seriously flirty, sensual, and sexy:

1. Her Room

HerRoom has an entire section dedicated to fuller figure bra sizes, ranging from cup sizes DD-N. Included are some seriously sexy bras made of lace, mesh, satin, and some fun and flirty florals. No matter what kind of look you're going for, you're bound to find what your heart desires here.

2. Curvy Kate

CurvyKate features bras from cup sizes D-K, with a more youthful range and feel. The folks at CuryKate describe the summer line as, "A soft, romantic collection of lingerie with colors reminiscent of relaxing summers with fun, popping contrasts. This collection features an exploration into new fabrics and textures, creating a beautiful, tactile range."

3. Bravissimo

Ah, Bravissimo! This brilliant company not only offers bras with band sizes 28-40 and cup sizes D-L, but it also offers swimwear, nightwear, and clothing with the same extended sizes for the straight-size but fuller-figured-in-bust woman. Not to mention, everything is super cute, with young, fresh designs and gorgeous bright, fun, and flirty colors.

4. Bare Necessities

BareNecessities is another lingerie retailer that offers a vast array of brands catering to fuller-figured sizing. Its sizes range from a DD-K and feature many different gorgeous brands, including Freya.

5. Miss Mandalay

Miss Mandalay proves to us all that lingerie built to fit doesn't have to be boring. With band sizes ranging from 28-38, and cup sizes going from D-H, Miss Mandalay offers some truly gorgeous bras for the fuller-figured bust. It also carries a beautiful swimwear line to boot!

Images: Curvy Kate; Her Room ; sophia_adamsss/Instagram; Bravissimo; Bare Necesstities; Miss Mandalay