Chiara De Blasio's Flower Headband Proves This Trend Actually Works IRL

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One thing I appreciated about Bill de Blasio's mayoral race is that no one seemed to hinder his daughter's cool style. The 18-year-old Chiara de Blasio has a signature look of stretched earlobes, colorful outfits, and flower headbands, and while frequently politicians' families are made bland and uncontroversial with simple modest outfits, I love that no one told Chiara to tone it down.

Both of de Blasio's kids, Chiara and her brother Dante, played a big role in his campaign, and over the last few months, all of New York has learned that the two siblings seem pretty cool. Now given that their father has been elected as the new mayor of New York City, we'll probably be seeing a lot more of Chiara in the next four years. I won't be surprised if during that time she blossoms into a fashion icon. Even though she's still pretty young, she has an eye for out-of-the-box style.

Plus, I'm totally already coveting her wardrobe. I love headbands, as I've mentioned before, and her bold floral pieces have become an inspiration to me. She's shown me that flower headbands can work outside of Coachella and Lana Del Rey costumes. So here are 10 headbands I've found that are Chiara-worthy, and that you just may see many New Yorkers wearing in the near future.

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