How To Celebrate The New Moon

Most people know that Full Moons bring with them a whole bunch of mystical properties — they represent a time of opportunity, energy, and power. But if the full moon is a debaucherous rave, the new moon is an evening of reflection spent on a beautiful, quiet mountain top. So how do you celebrate the new moon? It's full of opportunities for positive change in your life and, as luck would have it, we're in the midst of one right now. Let's get to changin', shall we?

Like full moons, new moons arrive on monthly basis, occurring when the moon and the sun have the same ecliptical longitude (meaning the moon is between the sun and the Earth). It's also the first of four moon phases, hence all the "rebirth" vibes that accompany it. If you looked at the sky last night — when the new moon technically started — or glance up there tonight, you won't see a moon. It's there, it's just, you know, "new." Like a little seedling.

For those of you who are into astrology, a new moon means the luminaries (the sun and the moon) are aligned in this month's sign, giving the sign a whole lotta extra energy — so hey, Taurus babies? This is a big week for you. But even if you're not a Taurus, the new moon still brings new beginnings, both literally and spiritually, that are worth celebrating. I like to take full advantage of the positive energy and spend a few hours welcoming the new moon and re-charging for the next month. Do I believe that secret moon magic is going to come down and grant all my wishes? No, but I do believe that consciously thinking through and devoting myself to short-term goals and acts of self-care make me a happier, calmer, all-around better human. So, there's that.

Here are four ways to celebrate the new moon. There's no time like the present for a fresh start, right?

1. Meditate

While meditation is always a good idea, clearing your mind at this particular point of the month is essential. Personally, I struggle a lot with meditation — I'm very fidgety — but I can still try my best with the basics. Sit still in a quiet place, close your eyes, and relax your body. Focus on your breathing, or create a simple mantra for yourself. Set a timeframe — even 10 minutes of this can make a positive difference.

2. Cleanse Yourself — Body and Soul

Self-care has always been a sort of meditation for me, even when it's just taking a long bath and using a good-smelling body scrub. Burn some sage around your bathtub, open the windows, and send all the bad vibes out.

3. Create a Ritual

While there are a number of predetermined rituals for this time of the month, creating your own holds more significance and is very much in keeping with the new moon spirit. If you're a little stumped with where to start, some basics that you can build upon include keeping a journal of your intentions for each month, engaging in symbolic acts (writing down your goals and burning them, planting seedlings, and so on), and creating a system of checks and balances for yourself — how can you measure your progress the next new moon?

4. Start Over

Got a new workout plan you want to try? Mulling over going vegetarian for a few weeks? This is the time to start! You're calm, cleansed, grounded, and ready for anything. Get it, gurl.

Images: bartb_pt, Mitchell Joyce, radarxlove, Peter Becker, Ray_from_LA/Flickr; Giphy