9 Gifs From "Feeling Myself" By Beyonce & Nicki Minaj That Are Perfect For Sending To Your Best Friend

Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé's music video for "Feeling Myself" features a cornucopia of unforgettable moments, such as the Barbz and Queen Bey feeding each other cheeseburgers, making brunch, and splashing about in a kiddie pool. Needless to say, there are plenty of amazing gifs from "Feeling Myself". Particularly, there are a good many that you can share with your best friend.

You may be saying to yourself, "But me and my bestie rarely find ourselves parked by the side of the road at the Coachella City limits sign with a fabulous posse of dancers!" That may be true, owing to the fact that you're probably not a famous person, but that doesn't mean that this video isn't the epitome of squad goals for you and your non-famous friends. Because other than its primary theme of female empowerment, the "Feeling Myself" mini-movie (let's give it the respect it deserves) is about friendship — the glorious friendship between two people who are always down to eat, rage, or just drive around and hang.

That said, here are all of the gifs from the "Feeling Myself" video you can text your best friend some time in the near future, and the situations in which to use them.

1. Cooking Up A Batch Of Pancakes

It's Saturday morning and platonic bae texts you asking if you're down for brunch. You're trying to save money, so you propose that she comes to your place while you cook up some flapjacks. Bloody Marys included.

2. Two Attractive Dudes Walks Into The Bar You're At

You thinkin' what I'm thinking???

3. Time To Eat Everything, Like, NOW

Why say you're hungry when you can show it with this amazing, all-purpose image?

4. Calling Out Your Friend's Indiscrete Selfie Taking

Bey's capturing her good makeup, thinking she's all alone, while Nicki drops it low, as if to say sarcastically but playfully, "YOU'RE SO COOL, BEY!!"

5. Bathroom Break

I know we're in the middle of something, but nature's calling and I gotta go answer.

6. Air Conditioner's Broken

This works particularly well if you and your bestie are roommates, in which the scenario of a broken air conditioner in the middle of summer would probably leave the two of you looking like Bey and Nicki.


When your friend texts you like, "Are you ready for the freakin' weekend??" You can be like, "I'm as ready as Beyoncé riding an inflatable dolphin!!!"

8. When Your Friend Asks If You Want Guacamole

Buhhh... always, bish.

9. For Any Of Your Inside Jokes

Other people may not get why you find certain things so funny, but it's only because your combined sense of humor is better than anyone else's will be EVER. Point blank.

Image: Tidal; Giphy (10)