Ashley Graham Is Releasing A Plus Size Lingerie Collection Inspired By 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' So Let's All Rejoice Now

If you can't get enough of Ashley Graham or Fifty Shades Of Grey, you're going to go a little crazy over the recent announcement of an Ashley Graham 50 Shades of Grey lingerie collection, inspired by the story and film, of course. The plus-size collection will debut at Nordstrom later this year and will consist of bras, panties, and a "bondage-inspired chemise and lace kimono." Each piece will be under $100 each, which is a steal for luxury designer lingerie. This is not the first time Graham has made use of the expertise she's gained from years of being a plus-size lingerie model — she's designed five collections under Ashley Graham for Addition Elle as well.

Graham has been vocal about the reason she decided to get into designing lingerie: She wants plus-size women to have lingerie that's as supportive as it is sexy. "I could find sexy bras and I could find supportive bras, but it was never sexy and supportive together," Graham told WWD. It also makes perfect sense that the collection is bondage-inspired: The promos for her banned plus-size lingerie commercial were shown at Fifty Shades Of Grey screenings in Canada after being disallowed on TV. I'm interested to see how she interprets the theme in her collection for a sexy, chic line of underthings.

Underwire Lace Chemise, $90, Additionelle

As an owner of several pieces of her collection with Addition Elle (see above), I can attest that Graham knows how to design a bra that makes me feel super hot and also keeps everything where I want it to be. It's also an important thing to have plus-size women designing lingerie for other plus-size women — I mean, plus-size bodies are all different, but having someone with a vague idea of what it's like to be fuller-figured really helps.

For example, while her undies aren't vintage high-rise, they all leave enough room for a little bit of lower tummy curve instead of slipping down all the time. Her bras have enough support, so that my shoulders aren't aching at the end of the day, but I don't have cleavage up to my chin in them either. Basically, I feel like you can tell when someone straight-size has designed plus-size clothes, and what makes a person a better expert than having the type of body this lingerie is going to go on? Oh, maybe donning hundreds of different bras in a lifetime!

While I'm sort of hoping for an end to Fifty Shades Of Grey becoming code word for BDSM or bondage, I am excited to have some more elegant alternatives to straight up fetishwear for plus-size babes who are into it. Is it too much to hope for something like the ultra-sexy Dani Read binding briefs? I hope that's exactly the kind of thing Graham has up her sleeve. We'll get to see in the fall when the collection comes out, but if Graham's current lingerie line is any indication at all, it's gonna for sure be hot.

Images: Getty; Courtesy Addition Elle