George Takei Applauds Taylor Swift For "Bad Blood" & Showcasing Women As Action Stars

This former Star Trek star knows what's up when it comes to women being action stars. On Monday, George Takei applauded Taylor Swift for her "Bad Blood" music video, which features many famous female faces as action stars. The video overtook the Internet way before it was shown in full at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards thanks to Swift sharing posters of each celeb starring in the video. Now, many can't help but comment on the once highly-anticipated music video, including Takei who is loving every aspect of it.

In addition to Takei enjoying the overall message — aka women kicking major ass and making amazing action stars — Takei took a jab (pun intended?) at Marvel for their lack of female action figures. He tweeted, "Taylor Swift released her much anticipated video Bad Blood starring girl celebs as action stars. Come on Marvel, T. Swift is showing you up."

Bam. Did you ever think Takei could become that much more awesome? When in doubt, look to George Takei for inspiration, especially when it comes to supporting women and their badass ways. Many might disagree with the actor about his thoughts, especially since Marvel has showcased Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow in The Avengers), Zoe Saldana (Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy), and Hayley Atwell (Peggy Carter in Agent Carter) to name a few, as action figures, but seeing as Marvel is continuously scrutinized for its alleged lack of female support, well, maybe Takei has a point.

For example, many took notice when Johansson's Black Widow was missing from the Avengers: Age of Ultron merchandise after the release of the 2015 film, similar to how Saldana's Gamora was also absent from Guardians of the Galaxy merchandise. Even Avengers actor Mark Ruffalo wants more Black Widow figurines sold, not to mention more female representation. Ruffalo tweeted:

Granted, Marvel has created some amazing female action stars (Agent Peggy Carter being my favorite), but when Marvel is called "sexist" due to the fact that many of the female characters are portrayed in a "sexual manner" compared to the male characters and gets put on the hot seat even more when Avengers stars Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner slut-shame Black Widow, well, it brings up an important discussion and one Takei seemingly gets and feels strongly about.