Nordstrom Now Does Shop By Text, And It Sounds Awesome For The Girl (Or Guy) On The Go

Texting and shopping are my two favorite activities, and they're marrying in a beautiful way, as Nordstrom launched a shop by text program called TextStyle today to all 116 of its stores. Busy or shy gals and guys, rejoice, because this new shopping experience will allow for fast shopping with minimal interaction.

So, how exactly does it work? Let's back up and start with a little history. Last year, Nordstrom came out with NEXT, an "opt-in, secure one-to-one service that lets Nordstrom customers who prefer texting to communicate with their salesperson using their smartphone," according to the press release. So essentially, you could text your Nordstrom personal shopper whenever you wanted. But now, TextStyle actually allows you to buy the products.

Once you've signed up for NEXT, you can text a Nordstrom salesperson and send photos back and forth. Once you've found an item you like, you can text "buy," and include a unique code, and the purchase will be made using the shopper's details from their Nordstrom online account. And, as always, the items will get delivered to you with free shipping. Not too shabby at all!

This new service comes as no surprise, as Nordstrom has been focusing on convenient, personal shopping experiences since last year. Just recently, Nordstrom launched curbside pickup for their customers at select stores. And the beauty of it is pure convenience—you receive the personal shopper perks, and it only takes three small letters. It's definitely an interesting new twist to shopping, and while you'll always catch me shopping in SoHo and Lower East Side, I'll have to try this service when I'm in a pinch. Thanks, Nordstrom, for adding another layer to my shopping addiction.

Images: @annelynt/Twitter