Nordstrom Is Testing Curbside Pickup

In-store pick-up is not a new thing, especially for Nordstrom, who's been giving us this amazing luxury for years; but now, they're making the experience even easier with Nordstrom's curbside pickup process, something the major retailer is testing out at select stores.

Across the country, select stores are trying out this insanely convenient perk, including the flagship store in Seattle. Basically, you select your items online and check out like you normally do. When it's finally arrived, you'll receive an email with a number to call or text. Once you're near, you can place the call or send a text, and a sales associate will bring your items to your vehicle when you get there. Voilà: Instant shopping right at your (car) door.

According to Racked, about 20 stores are testing out this new option. Eventually, Nordstrom plans to add curbside pick up to their app. The best part? "Purchases made online during regular business hours are ready within one hour of placing the order," according to an article on GeekWire. And, in addition to online purchases, customers that have gotten alterations done in the men's department can also take part in curbside pickup.

This comes in tandem with their remodeling of their flagship store, which boasts a new cafe and a tapas and cocktail bar called Habitant. Their posh new additions is part of an effort to create an "international destination," according to GeekWire.

While like Carrie Bradshaw, I believe shopping is my cardio, there are definitely times when I'm in a pinch and need my order now. I'm a bit of a last-minute packer and find myself forgetting items that I don't have time to search for in-store. So while I do love the act of feeling fabrics and trying on items in person, this can be especially useful for buying from brands I've already become accustomed and loyal to. Guess I'll have to try it out myself and see.

Images: @bronzerbunny, @mollieinseattle, @mimijungking5/Twitter