Impressive Old Woman Dances To Sick Belgium Beats

If you're a Pitch Perfect fan, and would openly admit to calling someone or something "aca-awesome," then you'll appreciate this video. And if, for some reason, you've honed your beatboxing talents in your spare time, this will bring you to a whole new level. (No judgement, I'm actually incredibly jealous of your beatboxing talents.) While we're sitting here in the good ol' U.S. of A, there's an extremely talented guy in Brussels who inspired this old woman dancing to beatboxer music. The only question is, why are you not following them to Brussels?

If you thought Belgium was only known for its waffles and moules frites, then you're clearly mistaken. They're also known for their vivacious elderly population! (That's an inference based solely on this video; please do not quote me on that.) This lady is on it. Thank you, UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE!!!, for helping keep this woman fit as a fiddle and in prime dancing condition. (I know, I know. Those caps were subtle.)

Also, as if this didn't already have all the makings of a viral video, there's a dog. OF COURSE THERE'S A DOG. The lady shows up with a canine companion because, hey, every hero needs a good sidekick. This old woman's doing a robot that could rival Jason Segels' and a chicken dance that could rival yours, circa 1999.

Aging goals, right here, guys:

SICK, right?!

This old woman does not know how to quit. Bless her. Here's the full video of her beatbox boogey:

Notice no one in the crowd is leaving? That's because it's impossible to stop watching this woman.

If you've hit a midweek rut, all you'll need is a healthy dosage of this woman to remind you that it's worth making it through this week, so you can live a long happy life, and eventually become like her. #Goals.

Images: YouTube(3)