Cisco Is A Metahuman On 'The Flash,' So Vibe Is Arriving Sooner Than We Thought

Hey, remember that time that Harrison Wells killed Cisco on The Flash and it was completely heartbreaking? Of course, there was no need to freak out too much, because Barry quickly created an alternate timeline and basically reset that past. Cisco never died and Wells (clearly) never killed him. There's just one flaw in this, though, and it's the fact that even though this happened in a different timeline, Cisco can remember it. There's a good reason for that, as we learned during the Season 1 finale, "Fast Enough," that Cisco is a metahuman. You know what this means? Vibe must be coming to The Flash — and soon.

In "Fast Enough," Cisco confronts Wells about the whole "you killed me" thing, and Wells apologizes for it — as if he's suddenly got a heart and soul now. Wells is actually a little surprised with the fact that Cisco can remember this, and then he drops the bomb. Cisco was affected by the particle accelerator explosion too. That's the reason he can remember the night Wells killed him in a different reality. Cisco is a metahuman who can basically read between the lines of different universes.

While that power is cool enough on its own, it also means we're totally getting Vibe. Cisco IS Vibe in DC Comics, and fans have always assumed that he'd show up eventually (remember that awesome time he threw down with Hartley and I was like, "ugh, can we please have Vibe now"?). Now, with Wells' confession that Cisco was hit by the particle accelerator blast, it's real. Now that Cisco knows he has abilities, he's obviously going to start exploring them and seeing what he can do. It's In all likelihood, we'll meet Vibe in Season 2. Are you ready?

Image: Cate Cameron/The CW