Guy's Roommates Repeatedly Scare Him For Fun

College roommates can be the worst or the best thing to ever happen to your life. They can easily make or break a year in school. I was fortunate enough to live with my best friends my senior year. We dubbed ourselves rooomieloverfriends and the "Sisterhood of the Traveling Snakeypants" (because we had a pet snake… named Snakeypants), and spent our final semester tipsily frolicking through snow and sunshine. It was easily one of the best years of my life, in large part because I was never on the receiving end of scare pranks like the poor dude featured in video montage of guys scaring their roommate.

This poor guy is probably wrecked, but you really have to admire how dynamic his scare reactions are, and how well he keeps his cool. Around the thirtieth time, I’m pretty sure most people would have thrown their roommate’s recording devices against the wall. However, Chris, the victim in all of these videos, always recovers with a smile and the occasionally “Golly!” You have to admire his upbeat attitude despite the terrifying situations. If my roommates had naked ambushed me multiple times, especially during a hot shower, I assure you they would have been running out the door.

Regardless, good for you, scared naked kid. I admire your restraint. Now move out of that house and find better roommates.

Images: Getty Images; YouTube