Koryn Hawthorne Performs "Uptown Funk" on 'The Voice' Season 8 Finale & Brought Back Some Talented Top 20 Ladies

The Voice was all about girl power this season. After a male-packed Season 7, Season 8 certainly delivered on the female front. Only two female artists remain in The Voice Final 4, but Koryn Hawthorne, 17, decided to use one of her final performances to remind us how many talented ladies have graced the stage this season. Hawthorne brought back India Carney, Tonya Boyd-Cannon, Mia Z, Lexi Davila, and Caitlin Caporale for an all women version of "Uptown Funk" — and it was pretty awesome.

Hawthorne has become the inspirational artist of the season, and this was another way to prove her reputation — even if that wasn't the intent. Hawthorne chose the all-female cast because she felt they all had amazing talent to showcase. She allowed all of them to show off their individual talent and let herself fade into the ensemble. Hawthorne could've put herself front and center as the finalist, but she didn't and that was pretty cool to see. It goes to show that her goal really is to use her music to empower people. That's a pretty inspiring thing to want to do at such a young age.

The performance was pretty good, though nothing can compete with the original (sorry, ladies!). The girls brought it and certainly proved why they were on this show in the first place. Some of them should've stayed MUCH longer than they did — but that's in the past now. It's amazing to see them all come out to support Hawthorne and to see her support her former competitors. This show can lead to some pretty unique relationships between musicians, and it would be amazing to see any of these relationships persist outside of the competition.

We have yet to find out who has won the competition — because we're obviously going to have to wait until 10 p.m. on the dot. Even though this finale has been super long and drawn out, it's great to see all the Top 20 artists come back to support their friends. Hopefully we see much more from all of them in the future!

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC