'The Voice' Top 4 Contestants are Revealed! Find Out Who's Competing in the Finale

Though it seems like it snuck up on us, The Voice finale is next week and we finally know the contenders. Sawyer Fredericks, 16; Meghan Linsey, 29; Joshua Davis, 37; and Koryn Hawthorne, 17 are The Voice Top 4 contestants and will be fighting for the title in next week's finale. Not going to lie, that's a pretty sweet lineup. But unfortunately, one contestant had to be eliminated for the rest to continue on — and that unlucky contestant was India Carney, 21. Carney competed in The Voice save (again) against Hawthorne. Carney delivered an emotional performance — it was clear she was choked up — but in the end it just wasn't enough. It was her time to go, but unfortunately she's taking Team Christina's shot at the win with her.

After three weeks of landing in The Voice bottom two, Carney finally met her demise. And though she put up a fight, it was definitely her time to go. There's no denying that this woman is incredibly talented. She's proven week after week that she's a true performer. But it was clear that she was more of a Broadway performer than a Hollywood performer. Carney will go on to have a successful career — her talent is incredible — but she belongs on the Broadway stage not The Voice stage.

So now that the Top 4 have been revealed, who's it going to be, America? All of the contestants are crazy talented and have earned their spots in the finale. But one has stood above the rest. Meghan Linsey is the most experienced and strongest performer of the bunch and deserves to win The Voice title — though it will be a tough race between her and Sawyer Fredericks. Fredericks has been a favorite since the beginning and definitely has the cute factor working in his advantage. Though Davis and Hawthorne are certainly talented, they don't have the strong followings to back them up. No matter who takes home the title, it's sure to be an amazing show. Tune in to next week's finale to find out the winner!

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC