Kaley Cuoco Got Married... On 'Ellen'

Can The Ellen Degeneres Show ever not be endearing? I'm not sure it's possible, at this point — what with her love of frightening her guests, her friendship with Sofia Vergara, causing Kristen Bell's sloth meltdown, Ellen DeGeneres has completely redefined what it means to have a good daytime talk show (unlike some people *cough*Kris Jenner*cough*). Apparently, today's episode is no exception, as it includes guest Kaley Cuoco getting "married" on Ellen to her boyfriend-turned-fiancé of four months, Ryan Sweeting, in a sweet little two-minute ceremony. Say it with me now: "Aww."

The interview begins with DeGeneres asking Cuoco about the engagement, which is pretty sickeningly sweet in and of itself: Apparently, (though they only dated for three months) before getting engaged, Cuoco and Sweeting both felt that they'd found "the one" early on. Considering how much Cuoco has been talking about Sweeting in the press — just last week she commented to People that she wants to marry him "tomorrow" — she's probably not exaggerating this. DeGeneres then suggests that the two of them get married right there on the show, with that other British boyband, The Wanted, performing.

Suffice to say, it's not official, but hey — maybe love is real after all.

You can check out the clip below.

Image: NBC