12 Signs You & 'PLL's Emily Are One & The Same

The Pretty Little Liars have more secrets than Gretchen Weiners' hair, but the fact that Emily Fields has a heart of gold is not one of them. Spencer may be the Liars' best hope for escaping the Dollhouse and everyone wants to be Hanna (especially if we could obtain her wardrobe as part of the deal), but if we could pick anyone to be our own BFF, I'm hardly the only Pretty Little Liars fan who would choose Emily. She's loyal to a fault, even to those who are undeserving, and she'll do anything for her friends without asking for a thing in return.

The past few years haven't been particularly kind to any of the Liars, but Em has faced a unique set of trials and tribulations. She was closest to Ali when she disappeared, she's struggled with being so far away from her beloved dad, she came out as gay and didn't receive support from her mom, and her first serious girlfriend was brutally murdered. Yet somehow, A has classified Emily as the weakest link of the group. That mistake alone should prove that Charles is not all-knowing. Not only does Emily always bounce back stronger than ever, but she never loses her optimistic nature and her ability to find the best in everyone.

Sounds like a great kind of person to be, huh? Here are 12 signs that you are the Emily of your friends — who are so lucky to have you.

1. You'll Do Anything For Your Friends

You're the first person your friends turn to during a hard time because you have the best shoulder to cry on and you'll do everything in your power to fix whatever is upsetting them.

2. You Know Life's Too Short To Hide Your True Feelings

You're not afraid to put yourself out there, even if it means risking rejection.

3. You Take The Holidays Very Seriously

You firmly believe that the the best way to spread Christmas cheer is to sing loud for all to hear. You and Buddy the Elf would have so much to talk about.

4. Your Dance Moves Put Everyone Else's To Shame

Not only do you steal the show in the swimming pool, but it would also be unwise to cross you on the dance floor.

5. You Can Forgive And Forget

You're always willing to put negativity behind you. Case in point: someone attempts to drown you and you don't hold a grudge. In fact, you may even end up dating that person.

6. But Even You Have Your Limits

...specifically when it comes to people named Jenna.

7. You Have The Most Expressive Face

You and your friends have become pretty desensitized to the most insane things happening, and, at this point, you're the only one who can be bothered to react with a facial expression.

8. You're An Eternal Optimist

You look for the best in every person and situation, even when masked strangers are after you for reasons you don't understand.

9. You Prefer Sneakers to Heels

If everyone looked as good as you do in sneakers and tees, they'd probably opt for comfort over high fashion, too. Everyone envies your ability to make the most casual attire look runway-worthy.

10. But You Still Like To Dress Up Once In Awhile

Just because you're the casual one of the group doesn't mean you can't rock a sparkly dress.

11. You Will Not Allow Your Culinary Skills To Be Dissed

Eat the damn empanada or there will be hell to pay.

12. You're Tougher Than People Give You Credit For

You may be sensitive and wear your heart on your sleeve, but you're still tough as nails and a force to be reckoned with. Just ask anyone who's made the mistake of hurting one of Emily's friends on Pretty Little Liars.

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