Madison Talks To Lori On 'Finding Carter', So Obviously No One Can Trust Her

Another person from Carter's past, another shady character trying to drag her down. On Tuesday night, Finding Carter introduced a new character from Carter and Max's past and it really wasn't a great reunion. Sure, Carter was kind of excited to see her old friend Madison, probably because she was grounded and this blast from the past was a welcome and unavoidable loophole. But it was short-lived because, unsurprisingly, Madison talks to Lori on Finding Carter and Lori probably sent her to manipulate Carter into leaving the Wilsons.

Sure, Madison's story is that her parents kicked her out when she came out as gay, but I don't feel like that's exactly what prompted her to go to Carter. This girl straight-up admitted that she's been speaking to Lori (even if it was to "ask for advice"), confirming all of our suspicions that she wasn't just throwing shade at the Wilson family dynamic. And, on top of that, Madison seemed totally take aback by Carter's decision to steer clear of her birth mom — mostly because Lori was so "cool."

Madison really tried to do a number on Carter during Tuesday's episode and, thankfully, she failed. Had she turned up back in Season 1, she probably would've convinced Carter to ditch her real family. But, Carter stood Wilson-strong on Tuesday night and told her former friend to back off of her life and her choice to be with her family. By the end of "Riptide," however, Carter and Madison were pretty much friends again — even though she hid the fact that she was communicating with Lori — and Madison kind of apologized for being the worst. That doesn't necessarily mean that we should trust her though.

I definitely don't expect Madison to stop communicating with Lori and I don't believe for a second that she's going to stop trying to convince Carter that the life she had "before" was better than her life with the Wilsons. Madison might be running from her own problems, but she's bringing a handful of new problems into Carter's life — including a direct line to Lori. Can't Carter catch a break for once?

Image: screengrab/MTV