'Finding Carter' "Riptide" Sneak Peek Features A Surprising Kiss & Potential Maxlor Reunion — VIDEO

Who the heck is Madison? If you've been hoping for a Finding Carter Maxlor reunion, get ready to be up-in-arms over this exclusive Finding Carter sneak peek of "Riptide," Tuesday night's episode. The final episodes of the MTV drama's first season and the past seven episodes of Season 2 have been rough on Maxlor — who've gotten back together and broken up week after week on the show — but the start of this clip seemed to really have this Finding Carter OTP heading the right direction. Clearly, though, we shouldn't get so excited — it's going to be a long, difficult road before the Maxlor reunion we really need and, thankfully, Finding Carter Season 2 is getting 12 additional episodes to explain this little Madison moment.

But, back to Madison. At the very least, you can take solace in the fact that you're not alone and in the fact that she's probably not as big of a threat to Maxlor as we think. Considering the fact that this new character comes strolling into the Wilson house with Carter, she's clearly a friend of the series' titular character. It's also worth noting that Madison has a pet name for Max, which suggests that she's a friend from Carter and Max's past.

Doesn't it seem like a Maxlor reunion is so close you can feel the feels already at the beginning of this clip? And aren't you not-so-silently losing your mind about that kiss?! With that kind of an introduction, Finding Carter definitely doesn't expect us to start rooting for Madison as a good friend for Carter to keep around. And with all of the chaos surrounding Taylor and Carter following Lori's big confession, why is Madison showing up now to stir the pot?

Carter and Max are doing just fine without anyone from their past and Finding Carter should keep it that way — especially when it means another person coming between Maxlor.

Image: MTV