Alfonso Ribeiro Hosting 'America's Funniest Home Videos' Is Perfect, But What If Carlton Banks Was The Host?

This will come as no surprise to anyone who has seen Alfonso Ribeiro on Dancing with the Stars, or as the host of Catch 21, but it was announced on Tuesday that Ribeiro will be the new host of America's Funniest Home Videos. The actor, who is best-known for playing Carlton Banks on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, will be taking over for Tom Bergeron when he leaves at the end of AFV Season 25. The gig is a perfect one for Ribeiro, who not only has hosting, acting, and comedy experience, but is also a phenomenal dancer and an entertaining personality besides. But you know who else has an entertaining personality? Carlton Banks. So what if Carlton Banks were hosting America's Funniest Home Videos? Well, let's just say it wouldn't just be the videos that made us laugh.

On The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Carlton may have started out as a calm, snobbish trust-fund baby who lorded his superiority over Will, but, as the seasons went by, he was revealed to be an energetic dork who idolized Tom Jones and his father, Philip Banks. (That is, when he wasn't making sure that Phil had written Carlton into his will in case of any unfortunate accidents.) Carlton's occasionally naive charm was a delight to us all, and that wouldn't be any different on AFV. So how would his hosting gig, go?

Let's imagine it.

1. He'd Open The Show With Tom Jones

It's just not a show if the Carlton Dance doesn't make an appearance. Even better, Will wouldn't be here to stop him from doing it. Heck, he might just replace the AFV theme tune with "It's Not Unusual." Educating the masses, you know. That Carlton Banks is a giver.

2. He'd Play At Least One Video Featuring Himself

You haven't seen America's Funniest Home Videos until you get to see the videos he collected around the Banks family's Bel-Air mansion every day. These videos will feature Uncle Phil eating, Will's idea of dancing, and perhaps even Hilary injuring herself when her mirror falls on her because she was staring in it for too long.

3. He'd Try To Upstage The Winners

You might be the winner of AFV, but let's not forget that Carlton is the real star of this show. He'd pull a Colbert and come to you instead of having you come to him while the audience is clapping. If there's anyone who is good at finding ways to make everything about him, it's Carlton Banks.

4. He'd Use The Gig To Give Himself Free Promotion

Did you know that Carlton can sing? Well, now you do. Because he will remind you. Every night. By singing on AFV. You see, he's trying to parley this hosting gig into a singing career like the one almost pioneered by his sister, Ashley, and that involves us having to listen to a lot of covers.

5. He'd Have His Siblings (And Cousin) Guest Star

Actually, it's more like he would have a hard time keeping his siblings and cousins off the stage. Especially Will. ESPECIALLY Will.

6. He'd Awkwardly Flirt With Cute Girls In The Audience

Carlton has no game, and that is a fact. He wouldn't be creepy about it, but all that winking at cute girls in the audience will be offset by the kicked puppy look on his face when they roll their eyes and tell him to go away. Just like his whole life.

7. He'd End The Show By Running Around The Set

Well, duh.

Image: NBC; nipstudent, muver54, zombievelma, firecomingoutofamonkeyzhead, freshprincesubs (2), supremeabstract/Tumblr