Adults Pick And Eat Their Boogers, Just In Case You Needed Eight Zillion Reasons To Be Grossed Out Today — VIDEO

Little kids are pretty disgusting. Not sure if that stems from the whole unlearned social practice and acceptance thing or it's just their inherent, weirdo nature. So when kids learn to blow their own noses, they almost definitely pick up an alternative excavation habit to boot: Picking their boogers and disposing of them directly into their own tiny mouths. Fingers crossed most folks halt such a practice before or around the same time they develop literacy. For old time's sake, BuzzFeed had a handful of adults taste their boogers for the first time since childhood.

I definitely qualified as quite the nose miner as a child. At least once I picked so hard I got a nosebleed. I tried to play it off to my mom as a dry weather thing. (Strangely, I was smart enough to tie lack of humidity to bloody noses but not smart enough to halt picking just shy of actually breaking skin). She wasn't fooled. Moving on, I gotta agree with the video: Any adult human who alleges to never indulge in the rite of passage habit of nose-picking is a freaking liar. Although once grown the picking likely slows to solely instances when you feel something weird up there, the eating part (again, hopefully) ends. So what does a booger taste like, anyway?

I remember them as pretty salty but that's about the extent. But maybe that's just my boogers? They might have changed since childhood but I'm not super eager to test this theory firsthand. Among those surveyed, we had booger finders described as:

Easily dissolved

Boogers: poised to usurped GO-GURT for the go-to snack on-the-go? I super hope not.

Not unlike actual candy

Maybe kids really are onto something...

Also not unlike more ~adult~ actual candy

Not a horrible contender for fro-yo topping, perhaps?

Yeeesh. Not recommended to be tested at home, y'all. Make sure you're not eating before diving into the whole experiment:

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