Woman Narrates Being Held Up At Gunpoint, And Is So Chill About It That She Will Outlive Us All In The Zombie Apocalypse — VIDEO

I was mugged once, on the street in broad daylight, and three years later I still shudder when I walk past the spot where it happened. That's part of the reason this fearless woman is my hero. This woman who narrates being held up at gunpoint is calm, cool and collected, both in her storytelling and her actions while the robbery was actually occurring. And here I was thinking that gunpoint was an actual place where crimes happened.

The robbed woman writes in the video description:

"On Thursday, May 14 2015, in SLC, UT, I was closing my shop when some guy came in with a gun and demanded all my money and Marlboro Reds!?!? I tried to keep him around as long as possible while pressing the emergency button. I called the police immediately after I got the guy's license plate and they caught him not even 5 minutes later sitting in a car wash, idiot. The newspaper article was like "Taken To The Cleaners" lol. He was arrested and now faces many years in prison for multiple aggravated robberies."

The footage is absolutely harrowing, but the woman doesn't seem fazed in the least as she watches herself in the video and cheerfully tells the story of how it happened. Here's a moment that would take anybody's breath away:

The most terrifying part of this video is that even after pressing a panic button (twice!) and over five minutes elapsing, the police never actually manage to show up. The second most terrifying part is where the robber leaves, and the woman who was just held at gunpoint follows him out to collect his license plate number. Listen to her totally chill narrative of the ordeal below:

Here are some tips that I imagine this woman would give to you in case you're ever held up at gunpoint:

1. Don't panic

2. Don't cry

3. Do what the marauder says

4. Notify authorities at your earliest opportunity

5. Be Jedi-level chill

Images: NBC; YouTube; Giphy(5)