What 2013 Looked Like, In GIFs

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So much happened in 2013 that looking back at the year in photos just wouldn't be enough. Images alone cannot properly represent the moments that made this year memorable. Think about it, what does a still image of Miley Cyrus mean to you? Nothing. You need a gif to get the full twerk-effect.

It was also a big year for gifs themselves. We finally learned how to properly pronounce the term— jif, like the peanut butter, according to creator Steve Wilhite — and people outside of Tumblr started to get into the superior format that deserves more credit. They’re basically the closest thing we have to Harry Potter-style moving photos.

There’s no better way to summarize 2013 than in gif form. We’ve rounded up some of the year’s best gifs from instantly classic TV and movie scenes to important pop culture moments, and some random gifs that just caught on for reasons we may never understand.

Separately, they’re just random moving pictures, but together they tell the story of 2013. It’s highs and lows, achievements and embarrassments, new arrivals and sad goodbyes. The things that we’ll repost for years to come, and those that we hope stay firmly where they belong, in 2013.

Image: Heavy.com

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