What 2013 Looked Like, In GIFs

So much happened in 2013 that looking back at the year in photos just wouldn't be enough. Images alone cannot properly represent the moments that made this year memorable. Think about it, what does a still image of Miley Cyrus mean to you? Nothing. You need a gif to get the full twerk-effect.

It was also a big year for gifs themselves. We finally learned how to properly pronounce the term— jif, like the peanut butter, according to creator Steve Wilhite — and people outside of Tumblr started to get into the superior format that deserves more credit. They’re basically the closest thing we have to Harry Potter-style moving photos.

There’s no better way to summarize 2013 than in gif form. We’ve rounded up some of the year’s best gifs from instantly classic TV and movie scenes to important pop culture moments, and some random gifs that just caught on for reasons we may never understand.

Separately, they’re just random moving pictures, but together they tell the story of 2013. It’s highs and lows, achievements and embarrassments, new arrivals and sad goodbyes. The things that we’ll repost for years to come, and those that we hope stay firmly where they belong, in 2013.

Image: Heavy.com

Tina Fey & Amy Poehler Killed at the Golden Globes

The comedic genuises/ultimate role models/perfect humans proved that they were made an amazing hosting team at the 2013 Golden Globes, and lucky for us they've signed on to host for the next two years.

Image: DiannaMcD/Tumblr

Will Ferrell & Kristen Wiig Stole the Show

As impressive as Fey and Poehler were, Ferrell and Wiig proved that they'd make great hosts, too. The Golden Globes may be taken, but what about the Academy Awards? SAGs?

Image: Challenger/Tumblr

Nick & Jess Finally Kissed on 'New Girl'

Midway through the second season of New Girl, Nick and Jess finally gave in to their feelings and had one of the year's most anticipated, hottest kisses.

Image: G-nightJess/Tumblr

'30 Rock' Came to an End

We're glad we'll be able to see Fey on the Golden Globes for a few years, since we lost 30 Rock this year. At least it went out on top, with an amazing, unintelligible song by Jenna Maroney (Jane Krakowski).

Beyonce & Destiny's Child at the Super Bowl

Queen Bey and her former bandmates interrupted awards season with a Super Bowl performance so epic it actually shut down the power.

Image: LaurenFrancisco/Tumblr

Jennifer Lawrence Made Seth MacFarlane Funny

In 2013, J. Law just became more and more loved by the general public, and shortly before she won an Oscar (and fell on her way to accept it) she appeared in a pre-taped bit. Of course, she was the only right spot it an otherwise awkward monologue.

Image: E!

Quevanzhané Wallis Was Adorable at the Oscars

It's hard to decide who was more lovable at the Oscars, Lawrence or Wallis.

Image: E!

'Girl Meets World' Got a Cast and Premise

The Boy Meets World spin-off, Girl Meets World, may not be starting until January of 2014, but we spent most of 2013 being very excited about it, and freaking out over gifs like this.

Image: The Bosco/Tumblr

Kim Kardashian Had a Stressful Pregnancy

The newly engaged Kim Kardashian spent the first half of 2013 being criticized for her pregnancy weight gain. This gif basically sums up her relationship with Kanye West. Now that North has been brought into the world, we look forward to seeing how her parents shift their attention from themselves to her.

Image: FuckYeahDash/Tumblr

'Spring Breakers'...Happened

This was a movie, and yes, it featured a lot of Britney Spears. And bikinis. And machine guns. And cornrowed James Franco.

Image: 2000ish/Tumblr

Jimmy Fallon Got A Promotion

The lovable host of NBC's Late Night will takeover The Tonight Show from Jay Leno next year, and we couldn't be more excited. Perhaps he can have Justin Timberlake as a daily guest?

Image: JimmyFalPal/Tumblr

Amanda Bynes Had a Meltdown

We now know that Bynes was suffering through some major issues this year, and has begun receiving help. Her eccentric behavior started around April, when she posted a video of herself getting ready to go out while eating Sour Patch Kids.

Image: GabyDelCampo/Tumblr

Ryan Lochte Had a TV Show

We can't ever forget about What Would Ryan Lochte Do? A brief E! reality series about the um, simple, swimmer. We only have ourselves to blame.

Image: RealityTVGIfs/Tumblr

ABC Took 'Happy Endings' Away From Us

It's still difficult to talk about. Happy Endings was an amazing show that deserved much more time. Hopefully all of its amazing cast will go on to become huge stars.

Image: banteratbest/Tumblr

We Finally Met the Mother

In its eighth season finale, How I Met Your Mother finally revealed the titular mother, played by Cristin Milioti. Ted might not have met her, but at least we did.

Image: FuckYeah!HIMYM/Tumblr

We Said Goodbye to Stefon (and Bill Hader)

We all feared for the future of Saturday Night Live when star cast member Hader announced he was leaving. So far the show has been okay without him, but we're glad he and his most famous character got a proper send-off.

Image: Crushable

'The Office' Ended After 9 Seasons

Steve Carell had already left the series in its seventh season, but he returned to end the show the right way, with one final "that's what she said."

Benedict Cumberbatch Was Everywhere

This year Cumberbatch went from Sherlock star and Tumblr obsession to full-fledged movie star thanks to roles in films like Star Trek: Into Darkness, 12 Years a Slave and The Fifth Estate. He's set to star in even more films next year so look out for that lizard face in a theater near you.

Image: TeamCoco/Tumblr

'Big Brother' Was Out of Control

The fifteenth season of Big Brother was absolutely ridiculous. But rather than a gif of contestants yelling racial slurs, let's remember it with this almost-as-disturbing gif of Gina Marie enjoying her frozen yogurt a little too much.

Image: B Side

'Arrested Development' Came Back

In 2013 the Internet got what it always wanted, more Arrested Development. Unfortunately the fourth season, which aired on Netflix, fell short of expectations. Still, there were some good episodes (thanks, GOB), and it looks like the series might come back again in 2014.

Image: AllMoot/Tumblr

'Fast 6' Was Insanely Successful

Movie audiences cannot get enough of the Fast & Furious franchise. The sixth installment grossed over $780 million, and included this over-the-top car scene with a flying Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez.

Image: Yahoo

The Red Wedding Destroyed 'Game of Thrones' Fans

The infamous red wedding from the Game of Thrones book series hit TV with "The Rains of Castamere," and basically destroyed every GoT fan. They're going to need some recovery time before Season 4.

Image: wretched-and-maybe-divine/Tumblr

Pete Campbell Fell Down the Stairs

This might've been the best moment of Mad Men's entire sixth season.

Pete Campbell Got Mad at Bob Benson

Actually, this was the best moment of Mad Men's entire sixth season. A close third is Ken Cogrove tap-dancing with a cane.

Image: CaptainAwkward

Emma Watson Did This in 'The Bling Ring'

After years of knowing her as the amazing Hermione, Watson took a completley different role as a materialistic, self-absorbed teen burglar in The Bling Ring. The movie got mixed reviews but this gif is perfection.

'Orange Is the New Black' Became Everyone's Favorite Show

Orange Is the New Black premiered on Netflix this summer to instant acclaim. It's representation of diverse women in prison was nearly flawless, and we're already excited for Season 2.

Image: Fanpop

'Sharknado' Hit Syfy

On the same day that Orange Is the New Black premiered online, Syfy released Sharknado. A disaster movie in every sense of the word, it became the most mocked film of the summer.

Image: Shock Mansion

A Royal Baby Was Born

July really was a big month for 2013. On the 22nd, Prince George was born to Prince William and Kate Middleton. The couple looked beautiful and more importantly, extremely happy when they first presented the future king to the world.

Image: EverythingRoyalty/Tumblr

'Veep' Won the Emmys

Even though Julia Louis-Dreyfus beat out the much-overdue Amy Poehler for the Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series Emmy, her in-character acceptance speech quickly proved that she deserved the prize.

Image: Policy Mic

Miley Cyrus & Robin Thicke at the MTV VMAs

We're guessing you know the story behind this one, since it's all anyone talked about for weeks.

Image: Crushable

Taylor Swift Talked Trash About One Direction

While One Direction presented at the VMAs, MTV's cameras cut back to Harry Styles' ex Swift. Apparently, she wasn't impressed with the band.

Image: MTV/Tumblr

NSYNC Reunited — Kind of

The VMAs were an eventful night. NSYNC had a much-hyped reunion as part of Justin Timberlake's Video Vanguard Award acceptance performance. We were all pumped, and then the performance was about as long as the gif.

Image: Sanitiy/Tumblr

Cecily Strong Joined 'Weekend Update'

Since Seth Meyers will be taking over Late Night when Jimmy Fallon goes to The Tonight Show, he needs someone to take over SNL's Weekend Update. Lorne Michaels chose wisely by having Strong join Meyers as co-host now, so she's ready to go next year.

Image: NBCSNL/Tumblr

'Dexter' Disappointed Everyone

Yeah, that finale was not okay. Let's leave it in 2013 and promptly forget about it.

Image: MoviePilot

Huell Took a Nap on Some Money

The final season of Breaking Bad made for some memorable gifs, including this one of Huell relaxing on some money. I wonder if he ever left that safe house...

Image: NgewosWorld

'Ozymandias' Blew Everyone's Minds

The third-to-last episode of Breaking Bad basically gave all fans heart attacks, and was one of the best episodes of television ever made. The disturbing fight between Walt and Skyler was just one of the amazingly intense scenes.

Image: NgewosWorld

'Breaking Bad' Ended and Jesse is Going to be Okay

Don't worry, we can all go into 2014 happy knowing that in the world of Breaking Bad, Jesse is going to be okay. He has a lot of issues to work through, but he's alive, bitch.

Image: NgewosWorld

This Girl Became GIF Queen

This is Chloe. Her older sister is Lily, who was surprised with a Disneyland trip for the second time in this amazing video. Chloe's more understated reaction to the surprise was quickly gif-ed and became the go-to reaction gif of 2013. Congrats Chloe, you won the Internet at 2-years-old.

Image: ethangelion/Tumblr