14 Nicki Minaj & David Guetta "Hey Mama" Music Video Moments That Prove They Totally Killed It In The Best Way — VIDEO

The Queen of Rap is killing the music video game this week. Nicki Minaj and David Guetta released a music video for "Hey Mama," which comes mere days after the Tidal release of Minaj's video for "Feeling Myself" featuring Beyoncé. If "Feeling Myself" gave us traditional hip-hop beats with Minaj's ferocious rap lyrics as a focal point of the track, Guetta's "Hey Mama" serves us an entirely different feel. The French DJ, known for his electronic hits, sticks to his cemented sound, but the Queen of Rap's vocals punch the song up a notch, giving it an R&B feel. Set in the desert, the video immediately reminded me of Mad Max's sandy landscape.

Though we hear Minaj singing throughout the entire song, she appears as a sort of mythical extraterrestrial creature in the video. Guetta and his dancers are present on the ground she floats above, looking down at the numerous activities occurring beneath her. Personally, I love Minaj most when her rap lyrics are at the center of a song; The Pinkprint is by far my favorite album of hers. However, her collabs with Guetta are always fun, and this is no exception.

"Hey Mama" is a super fun song, and the eclectic video fits the track beautifully. Here are 14 enthralling moments from the "Hey Mama" video.

1. This Magical Device

Guetta breaks out this rusty gadget and uses it to beckon Minaj from the sky.

2. Minaj Appears In A Cloud of Thunder & Lightning

There is no better way to make an entrance than to appear in a cloud of supercharged lighting.

3. Minaj Is A Hologram

Since Guetta beckoned her from the sky, it's obvious that Minaj has some kind of otherworldly power. However, I was even more excited when I realized that she's a hologram.

4. The Pink Wig Is Back

I absolutely love the toned-down look that Minaj has been wearing as of late; I think she looks stunning. However, I was thrilled to see her classic pink wig in this video. It made me nostalgic for earlier moments in her career.

5. This Magical Explosion

Minaj puts some type of magical spell on Guetta and his companions, and they proceed to have the desert party of the century.

6. This Mad Max-y Vehicle

If you decide to frolic in the desert, you'd better be equipped with proper transportation. This car looks like it has all of the right parts.

7. This Party Bus

A windowless, open air party bus is the best way to start a desert soiree.

8. The Perfect Fishtail Braid

Braids are an art form, and this one takes the cake. The interwoven fabrics make it the perfect desert look.

9. A Swing

Who says you need a tree to hold up a swing? With Minaj's magical powers, anything is possible.

10. Vertical Tubs

Bathtubs aren't just for bathing. Apparently, they make excellent accessories when you are trying out your best poses.

11. This Fabulous Mirrored Cap

This hat immediately reminded me of Beyoncé's mirrored glasses from her "Diva" video. Anything Queen B-inspired is a winner in my book.

12. Red Sunset Dance-Off

Everyone knows that any decent party has to have a dance-off.

13. Glow In the Dark Heart

A bonfire would be much too hot in the desert. An inventive alternative would be a glow in the dark heart.

14. A Random Widescreen

I'm not sure where this mystical TV came from, but it's certainly necessary when you're out in the middle of nowhere.

Watch the "Hey Mama" video below.

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