When Will ‘The Royals’ Hit Netflix? 6 Reasons We Need It Online ASAP

It's been three days, and I still don't think I've fully recovered from the Royals season finale. I just have so many questions. Like, who and/or what is Domino? What's going to become of Jasper and Eleanor? Just how awful is King Cyrus going to be now that Simon is dead? I certainly have some general thoughts about what The Royals Season 2 will hold, but, guys, waiting until November for new episodes is going to the longest six months of my life. I guess the upside is that it'll be premiering around my birthday, so, like, that's a pretty nice present. But, still, like Veruca Salt once said, I want it now! And since I'm a big fan of marathoning and a not-so-big fan of commercials, I've been wondering: Will The Royals ever find its way on to Netflix?

The answer: Unclear. Well, for the moment, at least. Netflix shows no signs of a planned release date for the show, so nothing suggests that we'll have the opportunity to sit down with all 10 episodes, our laptops, and 17 bowls of popcorn anytime soon. Which, TBH, kinda sucks. You know why? Because The Royals would be the perfect Neflix fare, and I don't think anyone would say otherwise. In fact, here are six reasons it should be on the streaming site.

We Could Look For Potential Clues About Domino

So the running theory is that Domino is just something/someone that the writers introduced the season finale to get us all excited about next season's big mysteries. But I feel like if we watch the season again and really pay attention this time, maybe there are tiny clues about Domino or references to dominoes in general that could give us a hint as to who they are and what they're after. I'm not saying it's a sure thing, but hindsight is 20/20, y'all.

We Can Re-Live All Of The Pre-New York City Liam/Ophelia Moments

Life was so wonderful before Gemma came in and ruined everything by giving Ophelia her dream job in New York City. I mean, there are worse ways to sabotage someone, but still. I just want re-live all of the "awww" before things get messy in Season 2.

We Can Try To Pick Up On Any Details We Missed About Marcus

I really feel like the writers would be doing a disservice to themselves and us, the audience, by not giving us more background on Marcus next season. That said he was always such a background character this season in his role as Liam's bodyguard that he may have done or said some important things that we just glossed over in our attempts to get at the "real stuff." I'd love to have another go at the season with a specifically Marcus-centric focus. Also, he's a grade-A hunk. Just saying.

We'd Have Access To Jaspenor's Best Moments Whenever We Wanted

Oh Jaspenor. What would this show have been without your wonderfully complicated relationship?

It Would Be Really Interesting To Watch Cyrus Now That We Know How The Season Ends

OK, I hate Cyrus. Fo' real. It's actually been a while since I've watched a show with a character that has seemingly no redeeming qualities whatsoever and also has a ridiculously punchable face. But I'd love to watch his behavior throughout the season with the knowledge that even his own mother has made it apparent that she doesn't care for him all that much. I mean, that's sure to have done a number on him. I'm not excusing him, but it definitely adds another layer to the mix.

We Can Catch All Of The Things Lucius Got Up To When We Weren't Paying Attention

That GIF really says it all. But seriously, we know that Lucius carried out Cyrus's orders to have Captain Lacey killed without the queen's knowledge. I also believe that Lucius is the one who told Cyrus and Helena that Liam was planning on following through with the referendum to abolish the monarchy when he became the acting King of England — which ultimately led to the apparent lie that Liam and Eleanor were illegitimate. Lucius is just a shady dude, and I'm sure he got up to a bunch of dastardly deeds when weren't paying close enough attention.

What I'm really trying to get at here is that I'm running out of shows to binge watch, so if Netflix can go ahead and make this happen, I'd be greatly obliged.

Images: Frank W. Ockenfels 3/E! Entertainment; Screenshot/E!; fyeahtheroyals (4), dewogong/Tumblr