Everything We Know About Teresa In Prison

Even though The Real Housewives of New Jersey is not currently on the air, people are still talking about Teresa Giudice more than any other Housewife. And in all honesty, the other New Jersey Housewives are rarely mentioned unless they are being asked about her. Love her or hate her, the reality star is in a pretty captivating situation right now. She went from a lovable homemaker to a bona fide reality star and business woman only to fall from grace and land in prison. So, it's no surprise if some fans are wondering what Teresa Giudice's life is like in prison. Does she have a prison job? Does she have friends behind bars? What does she look like without her spray tan and extensions? Basically, what is Teresa's life like on a daily basis?

Since there are no reality TV cameras in jail, we are not privy to as many details about her life as we once were. That said, there are plenty of articles about her time in prison and her husband has spoken out about her time there. Instead of forcing you to scour the Internet for answers, I've compiled a list of everything we know about Teresa's time in prison so far.

When Will She Be Out Of Jail?

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Teresa is set to be home in time for Christmas this year. Her lawyer, James L. Leonard Jr., confirmed to E! News that she will be released early on December 23, 2015.

Does She Have A Prison Job?

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Just like in real life, Teresa is really trying to do it all. According to her lawyer, James J. Leonard Jr. who spoke with People, she has been putting her cookbook skills to work, whipping up meals for her fellow inmates in the kitchen. Leonard Jr. also explained that she is teaching exercise classes. Way to go, Tre!

Does She Have Friends In Prison?

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As her lawyer explains, the 43-year-old has had a lot of interaction with her fellow inmates through her work in the kitchen and as an exercise instructor. In fact, he insists that she has been making plenty of friends in prison. Leonard told People, "Any reports that she is behaving like a diva in prison and not getting along with [them] is 1,000 percent is false. She is getting along well with everyone all the way down the line." And he even said that she has a "little group" of friends in prison. It's nice to see that she's making the best of the situation.

Who Has She Been In Contact With?

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Teresa's husband, Joe Giudice, spoke with Extra and explained how the family stays in touch: "[Our daughters] email her all the time… every day, so, they email more than me." He also added that they visit her often: "We try to make it up there every weekend and we bring her mom up every weekend."

How Is She Coping Without Her Reality Star Glam Team?

Us Weekly published photos of Teresa during a family visit and it's a far cry from the glamorous housewife we have come to know. Her hair was natural, her skin wasn't tanned, and she was wearing way less makeup than we are accustomed to. Nevertheless, she looked great and is in good spirits given the situation she is in.