Is Tom Hiddleston That Nice in Real Life?

If you type "Tom Hiddleston" into Google, one of the first things to come up is a question about his personality. Namely, "Is Tom Hiddleston nice?" If you scroll through Tumblr you'll see GIF after GIF of him being the sweetest guy on the planet, but how much of that is true? Are fans just always catching him on his good days? Is this just an elaborate persona invented to make him seem better than he actually is?

There's a reason so many people love Hiddleston and a huge part of that admiration is for his impeccable sweetness. He's kind to everyone he meets, even screaming hoards of fans demanding selfies and autographs. But his personality stretched beyond simply being nice; he's actually incredibly thoughtful. Some celebrities can get really jaded the more famous they get, and while I don't blame them, I'm glad Hiddleston hasn't gone down that road.

Early on in his career, Hiddleston established that he was a total sweetheart. In 2012, after a Twitter conversation with a reporter who jokingly asked Hiddles to bring soup to the red carpet because it was freezing, Hiddleston actually showed up with a thermos full of tomato soup. And even years later he's still just as nice.

So I think the answer is yes, Tom Hiddleston is a nice guy, and possibly the nicest guy. He's that way for a really good reason. In an interview with Empire magazine in 2013, Hiddleston revealed that his first job was being a waiter and it changed his view on politeness forever.

It was at a showy opera festival in a barn in Oxfordshire. I did it for a whole summer and people would be so extraordinarily rude that it made me decide that I would never be rude in my life, specifically to people who were kind enough to serve me things.

But what's amazing isn't that Hiddleston made that pledge early on in his life, it's that he actually followed through. Despite all the stresses of fame and all the taxes on his time and invasions of his privacy, he's remained kind to everyone he meets.

The Telegraph describes him as the perfect gentleman saying he's "Impeccably well-mannered, he holds doors open, insists on paying for drinks ... and by giving much more time than he needs." Perhaps that's why he looks so perfect even in candid fan selfies, because he genuinely doesn't mind taking the photo.

Hiddleston is an amazing role model and he's showing his legions of fans that kindness is important. So I've decided that for my New Year's resolution I'm going to try to be more like Tom Hiddleston, or at least be the person Tom Hiddleston thinks I am, because he sees the best in everybody and is nice to everyone, and the world could use a little bit more of that.

Images: bringdeansomeapplepie (2), inveniemus/Tumblr